Council Members

2022-23 HiCap Parents Council


Canyon Creek EAP Rep
Ashley Watts, (2 years remaining)

Hollywood Hill EAP Rep
Stephanie Morgan, (1 year remaining)

Kokanee EAP Rep
Ramesh Chundru, (1 year remaining)

Kenmore Elementary EAP Rep
Karen Smith, (2 years remaining)

Lockwood EAP Rep
Imen Hannachi, (2 years remaining)

Moorlands EAP 
Veronica Webb, (2 years remaining) 

Sunrise EAP Rep 
Karishma Singh-Chowdhry, (1 year remaining)

Fernwood EAP Rep 
Anita Chaudhary, (1 year remaining)

Shelton View EAP Rep 
Lynn Dunne, (2 years remaining)

Ruby Bridges EAP Rep
Jennifer Herrman, (1 year remaining)

Elementary Regional Rep - Woodinville Feeder Pattern
Kungpern Wang, (2 years remaining)

Elementary Regional Rep - Bothell Feeder Pattern
Stephanie Corrigan, (1 year remaining)

Canyon Park Middle School
Lyn Trier, (1 year remaining)
Board Treasurer

Northshore Middle School Rep
Chu Xu, (1 year remaining)

Skyview Middle School Rep
Sean Qu, (2 years remaining)

Timbercrest Middle School Rep
Terri Kashi, (2 years remaining)

Leota Middle School Rep
Elena Harrison, (2 years remaining)

Kenmore Middle School Rep
Becky Dennison, (2 years remaining)

North Creek High School Rep
Carson N. M. Sanderson, (2 years remaining)
Board Co-President

Bothell High School Rep
Myriam Juritz, (1 year remaining)
Board Vice President

Woodinville High School Rep
Austina De Bonte, (1 year remaining)
Board Co-President

Inglemoor High School Representative
Steven Rubenstein, (1 year remaining)
Board Secretary

Choice HS Representative (Innovation Lab HS, Secondary Academy for Success)
Megan Montano, (1 year remaining)

These positions did not have any nominations. If a candidate comes forward, we can appoint them to a one year term with a vote at a regular hicap council meeting.

Bear Creek Campus Representative (Northshore Virtual Program, Northshore Family Partnership, Northshore Networks)

Ruby Bridges EAP Rep

Wellington EAP Rep

Elementary Regional Rep - North Creek Feeder Pattern

Elementary Regional Rep - Inglemoor Feeder Pattern

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