Previous Council Members (2019 - 2020)

2019-20 HiCap Parents Council


Bear Creek EAP Rep
Jasmine Fry, (2 year term)

Fernwood EAP Rep

John Yongqiang Li, (2 year term)

Lockwood EAP Rep
Carson Sanderson, (2 year term)

Moorlands EAP Rep
Allison Headlee, (1 year remaining)

Shelton View EAP Rep
Steven Rubenstein, (2 year term) 
Board Co-Secretary 
Sunrise EAP Rep
Norma Rodriguez, (2 year term)

Wellington EAP Rep
Jennifer Reagan, (2 year term)

Woodmoor EAP Rep
Jennifer Sherer, (2 year term)

Regional Elementary Rep - Woodinville Feeder Pattern
Sylvia Bagley, (2 year term)

Regional Elementary Rep - North Creek Feeder Pattern
Sreeni Gorthi, (2 year term)

Regional Elementary Rep - Bothell Feeder Pattern
Bonnie Plottner, (2 year term)
Board Co-Secretary

Regional Elementary Rep - Inglemoor Feeder Pattern
Veronica Webb, (1 year remaining)

Leota Middle School Rep
Karen Grieser, (2 year term)

Northshore Middle School Rep
Xiaoying Zhang, (1 year remaining)

Skyview Middle School Rep
Lauren Lewis, (1 year remaining)
Board Treasurer 

Kenmore Middle School Rep
There is currently no representative for Kenmore Middle School. Contact if you would like to run for this position.
(1 year term remaining)

Canyon Park Middle School Rep
Jennifer Spanton, (1 year remaining)
Board VP

Timbercrest Middle School Rep
Patrick Kozel, (2 year term)

Bothell High School Rep
Myriam G Juritz, (2 year term)

Woodinville High School Rep
Austina De Bonte, (2 year term)
Board President

North Creek High School Representative
There is no representative for this North Creek High School. If you would like to run for this position email
(1 year term)

Inglemoor High School Representative
Brenae Brix - (2 year term)