Friday, February 26, 2021

Minutes from 02/22/21 Meeting

HiCap Parents Council Meeting

via Zoom
Feb 22, 2021

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


1.     Welcoming a new Sunrise EAP rep, Karishma!

a.     Austina introduce new Sunrise EAP rep, Karishma.

b.     Sunrise rep Karishma Singh introduce herself.


2.     Parent education chalk talk idea

a.     Amity proposed books sharing idea.

b.     Austina recommended two valuable books for parents: A Parent's guide to gifted children and Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of gifted Children and Adults.

c.     Council proposed idea to do book review on website. 

d.     Council like these ideas.


3.     Amity Update on assessment & screening plan for this year

a.     Grade 5-7, almost done

b.     Grade 1, 8 week plan

c.     Grades 2-4, online when possible

d.     Kindergarten. WA kids & iReady. 


4.     Amity Update on asking in-class hicap students if they want to move to EAP next year

a.     Amity updates: planning testing bus. Need to know how many students fall into this category.

b.     Council feedback: how many families are going to want to go back in general? District’s data are helpful. How many families want bus if we want to go back school? bus is big factor.

c.     Council feedback: testing bus is a fabulous idea.

d.     Council suggestion: We might need proctors for help.

e.     Amity updates: need proctor volunteers. Also need any suggestion on 504 or IEP.  

f.      Council suggestion: parents cannot proctor the grade in which their kids are. 

g.     Amity sharing some concerns: inequity issue, device limits and so on.


5.     Amity Update on High school course description updates

a.     Amity updated the progress: each district provides content area, course description for all schools. And we compared, went through them together. 

b.     Council question: do you have any update history for review?

c.     Answer from Amity: I can ask. I can see the history on changes.

d.     Council answer: Maybe there is a good reason we do not see.

e.     Feedback from council: Some ask science to align, we need to respond. 

f.      Feedback from council: AP courses are not called AP courses anymore. This is problematic. We need specific title like AP or CHS.

g.     Feedback from council: We need to know which college gives the course credit exactly. A wide range credit variable among different college even from the same CHS class in different school. They should be as consistent as possible.

h.     Amity agreed that CHS credit needs to be consistent.

i.      Council feedback on course catalog: Course description and catalog are the same in some school. English classes have students working on their college essays in class, but others do not. This should be clearly stated in the course catalog.

j.      Council feedback on course description: we may want to take different senior English classes to prepare College.


6.     Advanced math course options

a.     Double jump: 7th algebra, 8th geometry, 9th alg2/trig, 10th precalculus, 11th AP Calc AB, 12th AP Calc BC.

b.     Triple jump: 6th algebra, 7th geometry, 8th alg2/trig, 9th precalculus, 10th AP Calc AB, 11th AP Calc BC, 12th ??

c.     Council comments on math: calculus is a proximity for students to be ready for Ph.D. study. Linear algebra is more relevant for computer science & engineering, better than calculus.

d.     Council suggestion: we should make liner algebra available without jump. Many students find it easier than calculus but it is a higher level math than what is supposed to be.

e.     Council comments on math: algebra is not hard for kids. Higher level math is different from calculus. It allows statistics. kids can take for who are interested. 4-year math are relevant to college which you want to go.

f.      Courses suggestion for 12-grade: it could be Algebra, AP-stats, differential equations, Calculus 3, multi-variable calculus, number theory, game theory, probability.

g.     Council question on math courses: should we see same algebra courses across varied high schools? Or should we have flexibility for kids to choose?

h.     Council: some courses need option to drive to college or to take online virtually.

i.      Council: maybe we can record and keep online courses copies for review. But this has high cost for all classes.

j.      Council: some courses like calculus do not need option in Woodinville. They might only take only one class without other options.

k.     Council: it is a great idea to cover a large population of students even they might not need in future. This is because lots of students sign in algebra, for instance. 


7.     Council Questions/Updates on Update regarding thinking about HiCap testing for grades K-5

a.     Council: I’ve seen some other parents asking about this on the Facebook group, and I would like to know how they will extend testing to students who do and students who DO NOT choose to re-enter the school in person this spring


8.     Council Questions/Updates on Math trajectory diagrams for each high school

a.     Council: post-calculus, it does not matter so much in ordering. Linear-Algebra is for all engineering in general. Number theory is for running Ph.D. program.