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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Council Ammends Bylaws and Approves Non-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Policy

The HiCap Parents Council, at the board meeting on 7/2/2019, amended and approved the bylaws.

Additionally, a Non-Discrimination and Anti-Racism policy was adopted.

Please visit to read these documents.

Minutes from 7/2/2019 Meeting - Council only

Hicap meeting 7/2/2019 – incoming and outgoing board members

  • All new and ongoing hicap board members need to sign the last page of the bylaws
  • Familiarize new council with Group Norms and Nonprofit Intro (from the files page on website)
  • Someone needed to finish paperwork for Amazon Smile. Anyone interested in that?
  • Board votes for how to spend money
  • Cannot get involved in political campaigns
  • Maintain confidential info and don’t leak it or we will lose our privilege of getting advanced info
  • Individual and group duties: Listed in bylaws
  • Karen has background in fundraising, willing to look into that
  • Look for hicap council history timeline on facebook and put it on website

Mailing lists

  •  Large mailchimp list with 3k people
  • Smaller lists for individual classes (EAP) or schools (AAP)
  • We don’t get any contact info from the district

Where is council going? What are we doing?
  • Up to council what we advocate for
  • PD for hicap teachers is on the list
  • Bring info from around the district to the admins
  • Disperse info from admin to the families
  • Get on the calendar of the principal from the school
  • Reps can ask to be on the interview committee for new eap hire
  • who wants to be admin?
    • Sreeni
    • Yongqian (John)
    • Carson
  • Accepting new members – determining if they are legit or trolls
  • Anyone can answer questions on the page. 
  • New members don’t have to answer questions if they aren’t comfortable doing so.
Elections for Exec board
·        President
o   Veronica nominates Austina
o   Unanimous yes
·        VP
o   Sylvia Nominated Jenifer Spanton
o   Unanimous yes
·        Secretary
o   Karen nominated Stephen
o   John nominated Bonnie
o   Unanimous yes for Co-secretaries Stephen and Bonnie
·        Treasurer
o   Jennifer nominated Lauren
o   Unanimous yes
  • ·        Carson makes motion to purchase new nametags, Jennifer seconds, Unanimous yes
Proposed amendments and policies to bylaws
  • ·        3 amendments – discussion and some edits
  •       Carson motions to accept new amendments with changes, Norma seconds, Unanimously passed
  •       Will put amendments on website integrated into bylaws
·        Anti-racism policy – Discussion
  • Veronica motions to ratify the anti-racism polity, jasmine seconds, 1 abstains, all others vote yes
  • Will put policy on website
New Hicap director
  • Amity Butler – new director of Advanced Programs – reports to Super
  • Worked with Dr. Reid in the past
  • Was principal at K-6 school previously
  • Working on getting post card out – will have EAP dates and our mailing list
Connect with your counterpart to exchange info

Monday, June 24, 2019

Welcome your newly elected 2019/2020 Council Members

Your new elected HiCap Representatives are:

Bear Creek EAP: Jasmine Fry

Sunrise EAP: Norma Rodriguez

Lockwood EAP: Carson Sanderson

Wellington EAP: Jennifer Reagan

Woodmoor EAP: Jennifer Sherer

Fernwood EAP: Yongqiang Li

Shelton View EAP: Steven Rubenstein

Leota MS: Karen Grieser

Timbercrest MS: Patrick Kozel

Kenmore MS: ** Open **

Bothell HS: Myriam Juritz

Woodinville HS: Austina DeBonte

North Creek HS: ** Open **

Inglemoor HS: Brenae Brix

North Creek Regional: Sreeni Gorthi

Bothell Regional: Bonnie Plottner

EAP Feeder Pattern for Newly Qualified Students 2019/2020

Friday, June 14, 2019

Minutes from 6/11/2019 Meeting

6/11/2019 Hicap meeting

Jen’s last day is June 25th, Suriya will help with transition. Tolley will be the supervisor over new hire.

Hicap dept won’t be making decisions in July and maybe August as new person will need to be getting up to speed.

Suriya will answer phones and email, but decision making won’t happen in July until new hire is settled.


  • Qualification 2.0 – added 175 kids to EAP sites. 550 total added in 2.0. 8 schools with 30 classrooms. 2400 newly qualified kids total in 1.0 and 2.0 single and dual 1-7 grades.
  • Sites will go live today (Bear creek (kokanee/wellington removed), Sunrise (2/3, 5), Woodmoor (rollup, 4, 5), Moorlands (4 classrooms and growing, 2,3,4,5), Lockwood (no new kids), Fernwood (neighborhood kids only), Wellington (kokanee/wellington added, 3 classrooms), Shelton View (2 classrooms of Shelton view, Kenmore lockwood))
  • 1.0 and thought you know, or 2.0 and waiting, everyone should look at the website (programs and services, elementary, eap) with chart to where kid is placed. 1.0 and 2.0 newly existing families will get robocall today.
  • Waiver process
    • New qualifier and prefer a new EAP site – Reviewed in August
    • Existing family who wants to move to a newly formed site (maybe home school) – Reviewed in August – moving to home school has priority over others
    • Email Jen and principal to do this, not a waiver : Family who declined services at another school, but now their home school has a site, may want to take the spot in their home school.
    • If families don’t want to take the spot based on new feeder pattern, they should email to request a change
  • Families who may not look at website to know where they are assigned will receive communication from the newly assigned school.
  • After school Open houses are not going to happen now since everything got pushed out
  • Summer events will not likely be well attended since we don’t have the lists of families new to program
  • Can summer park dates be added in the email from principals to new families? Jen will look into this
  • Transportation process for EAP? Jen will ask
  • Laurie will help with Transportation this summer
  • Info session video is now online – programs and services – elementary – eap
  • Deadline for portfolios for non -enrolled students is June 14th
    • Portfolios submitted After June 14th will be reviewed in August
    • Non enrolled students who are offered placement and turn it down will have it honored for at least one year
  • Hicap math – Minecraft in testing at schools
  • ELL and low income were subgroups. Dr Reid will present this info to the community on how many kids were included in this. State law says schools need to prioritize low income students

Dr Reid:

  • Director of Student Services position posted
  • Need to write the new HiCap position for Jen’s replacement
  • How to make sure the work is distributed appropriately
  • Some philosophical disagreements from Admin to boots on the ground
    • Too many times it’s school specific and teacher specific
    • Regions implementing things differently
  • Sometimes after meetings where you think everyone got it you see later that maybe everyone didn’t get it unless you check in and watch closely what happens
    • Doesn’t hear sometimes until things are off the rails
  • HiCap parents council may be on hiring committee for HiCap director position
  • How can appropriate hicap teachers be hired? Will they be getting PD? Required?
  • Edufest for the summer? Jen says there’s no money, dr Reid will look into this
  • New Pool of HiCap teachers listed on nsd job website
  • Hicap training is for new to NSD teachers…but existing teachers often transition, so they need training as well

Middle school

  • Creating AAP classes in middle school and backfilling with high IOWA kids. Memo was sent and signed
    • All middle schools principals have a letter from Jen to communicate to the families to explain the AAP/Challenge placement
  • Math is different due to math path. Working with counselors to do clustering.
    • Newly identified 5th graders didn’t take the algebra readiness test, so path is 7th grade challenge. Registration will be automatically updated to be challenge 7/8 math. Contact counselor to make changes.
    • Plan working on how to address gaps
  • Looks like there are opportunities to create full AAP classrooms for the most part
  • Can auditing be done before September to see if this happened? Request of the new director
  • Need to get the description for Gen Ed/Challenge/AAP difference. Add this as agenda item


  • State requires 2 data points to move from step 1 to 2. WE don’t have enough info without naglieri and Iowa to do that.
  • Want to reduce testing and make good use of data we have
  • Lower naglieri standard this year, How many got in this year that wouldn’t have gotten in the year before?
  • Need to be made clear to parents that SBA is used for program placement in the future

High school

  • Hicap sections at North Creek and Inglemoor for History and ELA
    • No communication to parents on this from the schools
    • What will the class be called on transcript?
    • Opt out?
    • What will the difference be between the 2 classes?
    • Can students opt-in or will it be only HiCap designated? – No, only designated
    • What about families who didn’t do portfolio review in 8th grade because this class didn’t exist when portfolio review was open
    • What about families coming from other schools who didn’t bring their hicap designation with them?
  • 504s will transition to the new Director of Student Services posisiton

Feeder patterns

  • 2020 alignment with high school feeder patterns?
  • Canyon creek added as EAP site in 2021 when building is finished
  • Maywood feeds into moorlands now, previously at lockwood and woodmoor
  • Westhill feeds into moorlands
  • Transportation has multiple busses going through neighborhoods because schools have been sent to different places for EAP over time
  • EDTF needs to be part of the EAP team to minimize disruptions and maximize bus usage
  • Might want to look at all students out there and see if you can bring them back to home school.
    • Use waiver process to bring kids back rather than forcing them
    • Some families want to stay in placement rather than home school

HiCap advisory will continue with new director and Gaylon Lynch and team.

Hicap Council only

Voting: Motion by alison to extend the nominations to Friday 14th midnight and open voting Sunday morning 16th close voting 21st, Jen seconded it. Unanimously passed.

Currently only


Woodinville HS


Bear Creek




Woodmoor have nominations


Shelton View




North Creek do not

Friday, May 17, 2019

Minutes from 5/14/2019 Meeting

5/15/2019 HiCap Meeting

Jen Spanton, Bonnie, Laurie, Angie, Lisa, Austina, Sylvia, Kristi, Lauren, Allison, Xiaoying, Brenae, Norma

Notifications of eligibility

  • Letters sent to families
  • 4300 to step 2, letters to all
  • Sent at least by the 26th, Friday in backpack mail
  • All got robocall about letter
  • 2 more robocalls about services for families that qualified
  • If they didn’t get a letter email Surya hicap@nsd
  • Only 120 families who didn’t respond to accept services
  • Non responders: principals can pull who is qualified through the system, can also receive info on non-responders,
  • Plan 2: sent to family liaisons to make personal phone calls to these families, cannot guarantee EAP or AAP for non-responders but will give services in-school.
  • Last week all EAP and AAP classrooms were settled
  • Still some space in various places for new summer move-ins
  • Added a lot of classrooms
  • Moorlands add 4
  • BC 10
  • Lockwood 4-5 classrooms
  • Sunrise roll up 4th to 5th , maybe new BC kids move to sunrise
  • Fernwood 2-3 classrooms of home school kids
  • Some Fernwood families chose in-class because they didn’t want to go to BC and now want Fernwood EAP, may be able to accommodate, but maybe not
  • Class size Is usually no larger than 25-26, maybe 27+ in higher grades

Feeder patterns

  • Jen has Sheet with feeder patterns – can we get this? – says will be on website
  • Only Woodmoor 4th and 5th grade students will stay (full), all other grades at Woodmoor will go to Moorlands
  • If they missed the permission window it’s hard to get them into classrooms, especially the ones they want


  • File waivers to try to get siblings together. They will try to get them in same EAP schools
  • No priority for siblings, capacity issue
  • Waivers reviewed in August
  • Possibility of one family being at multiple different schools for EAP, can we put them together?
  • New kids get the priority for placement
  • Siblings on bus, decisions are being made later…more like August-October
  • Waiver for sibling first, then transportation will decide

Appeals process

  • 10 days to submit appeals, business/calendar days issue, will reconvene MST for last few appeals.
  • Met on 8th, heard 120 appeals, read them all, looked at all data and portfolio
  • MST made final decision, all families will receive letter early next week, US mail
  • Some were approved
  • Will try to get them the same services as all accepted on time
  • General population Threshold is 98%, below that would have accepted 30% of those tested (didn’t we want 30% to qualify? Or however many we actually have?)
  • The higher criteria cutoff creates the test-prep craze. Is this what we want?
  • This changes the makeup of the program to a higher academic program rather than a higher IQ program
  • Different thresholds for different sub-groups were set by the MST (ELL, FRL, IEP, 504)
  • We don’t know who is on the MST…don’t know the qualifications of team members, don’t know their personal philosophy
  • MST is made up of Building psychologist, Spec Ed, principals, admins. Group of 15 people
  • Do we have the demographic breakdown of who got in? Lucy is working on that info
  • Is this a change in philosophy?
  • Were students notified that SBA could be used to keep them out of HiCap?
  • May adjust tools we use and process next year, maybe cognitive shouldn’t be used as first step

Every year the program assessment may change based on analysis of previous year. Data will continue to be analyzed and testing tools will be re-evaluated. SBA is one of the tools that may be used to qualify or disqualify students. Portfolio process uses multiple data points.

Are there tools to bring newly qualified kids up to level over summer?

  • They already qualified so they are advanced already
  • When they jump into EAP later on, teachers determine where they are, compact, reduce repetition, and eventually get to EAP grade standards.
  • Can they get password for online text book for what they will miss?
  • Going from 5th grade gen ed to 6th grade AAP may skip grade levels of math and should look into IXL math and Kahn Academy

Minecraft for education, Starr, I-Ready

  • 12 teachers piloting this in east region
  • Some using with gen ed some with hicap qualified
  • Can use it for any levels of math, specific for each student
  • Starr and I-Ready are also being piloted across the district
  • Assessment and instructional tools
  • Not available to kids jumping over summer

Open House

  • Info session on Monday 13th at Bothell HS
  • Only for newly qualified students
  • Robocall to just those families, kept it under the radar
  • Did not invite the HiCap Council
  • EAP principals joined in facilitation
  • There will be welcome back events in August and other open houses
  • Historically arranged park dates, play dates in summer for new families. Council doesn’t have any way to invite them or to have them vote in the elections. How do we get these new families to sign up now?
  • Can HiCap dept send out an email to new families telling them how to sign up for our mailing list? Jen says maybe not because that would be an endorsement of us, which she can’t do.
  • No Parent panel, no open houses, no info night for all…so that leaves us with just the summer park dates and transition events.
  • Can Jen and principals invite newly qualified EAP students to come to EAP school after school one day to tour and meet the Council rep?

High School

  • Guides: Nicky and Jen working through those solidify as models then will make 2 more for other schools
  • Counselors: Nicky and Jen will talk to them about Hicap enrollment, what students should register for
  • Classes: All 4 have hicap courses offered, maybe separate class or separate section for ELA & Social studies 9th grade. IF the school already had a separation for hicap/gen ed then no change

Next time

  • Families leaving based on one particular EAP teacher. Can we do training, or selection
  • Next meeting June ?? Austina will put together a Doodle

Council only

  • Elections
    • open nominations on May 20th
    • close nominations on June 12th
    • prepare voting on June 13th
    • open voting on June 14th
    • close voting June 20th
    • announce June 21st
    • put facebook blurb telling people to sign up on website to get the nomination and ballot link
    • Austina will email regionals, etc. for continuing their term
    • Bonnie moves to hold elections as listed, Lauren seconded, unanimous vote
  • Math survey
    • Lauren sent it to the group, will send again
  • Facebook
    • Need qualifying questions to see who can be in group
    • What questions do we need? Do we keep people out?
  • How will high school students know there are hiCap sections or classes for ELA/SS in Inglemoor and North Creek?
    • Can principals call every student? Or notify them in some way?
    • Brenae will draft email asking how communication is going to happen
  • Board meeting after Memorial Day Dr. Reid will announce what EAP will do in 2020
  • Should Woodmoor EAP parents put together a petition or something saying they want to go to Moorlands? Send results to Dr. Reid

Monday, April 29, 2019

Minutes from 4/16/2019 Meeting

4/16/2019 Hicap meeting

  • Pre-AP
    • College board now requiring those who use pre-AP name to use their definition and curriculum
    • Current pre-AP classes are not the same as college board
    • College board version seems to be gen-ed and should be freely available for all students without barriers
    • Will we go with new Pre-AP rules or just call our current pre-ap classes something else and stay the same?
    • Inglemoor will offer 2 hicap sections each of pre-IB world history and pre-IB English
    • What about Woodinville and Bothell? Is Pre-AP more rigorous than pre-IB since hicap kids in pre-AP and in special sections for pre-IB?
  • Middle school families (all except Leota)
    • Received a letter asking them to reregister for 7th and 8th grade again
    • Split out the challenge and gen ed classes
    • Descriptions for Challenge and gen ed are identical except one extra project for challenge history listed
    • Curriculum, content, grading (strange grading for aap kids, not attainable)
    • What’s the difference between gen ed, challenge, aap?
    • Transitions between elem, ms, hs
    • Math, Algebra readiness: understanding content of 6th AAP and 7th challenge (repeating 7th grade math for half year), if they don’t test into algebra what do they do? Are gen ed 5th graders getting scaffolding and backfilling to fill holes?
    • Understanding of learning disabilities in MS
    • Will block schedule change next year?
  • High school
    • Principals saying no hicap in high school - that's illegal
    • Inequitable to have various schools offering different hicap paths and options
    • Clear plan for math triple jumpers – lack of a plan affects middle school registrations
    • Curriculum and course descriptions – how do kids know what to take
    • No way off the math train if you find you don’t want to take higher level calc. no options for sr level math other than calc except AP stats
    • Will we have blocks next year? Will the intervention time continue?

Joined by Admins, principals

  • What are the possibilities for hicap kids in 9th and 10th grade for next year?
    • Jen will send a memo with what those possibilities may be
  • Some Admins, counselors, etc. saying no hicap in the high school
    • Jen will communicate to buildings that hicap services continue into HS
    • Use different language explaining what the hicap trajectory in high school and options might be
    • Website says clustering happening, but not happening in any HS that we know of
    • Need to balance clustering with elective preference
    • Council has created a guide for high school for WHS and BHS for hicap learners. Can district use these, add for inglemoor and North Creek, and distribute to families?
  • How many APs are too many?
    • Some counselors are telling hicap kids they shouldn’t take too many Aps
    • Common app will ask how many APS are available and how many did you take
    • Should have a listing of what is in the class so kids and parents can decide what is best for the kid. Syllabus should have info like – will read these books and will write this number of papers
  • Kids who stretch have no way out
    • Have to take an F to laterally move to another class (not possible to move from pre-AP to gen ed version of same class without taking an F in the pre-AP class)
    • No scaffolding or help for these kids who struggle after stretching into a more challenging class
    • Is there a way to have mentor in older kids to give info to younger kids?
    • Counselors offering no help – doesn’t have a list of math tutors for example
    • If kids are automatically opted in to more challenging classes, will they be allowed to opt out after being in the class for more than 10 days?
    • Exactly what supports will be offered to kids who are “forced” to stretch?
  • Differences from High School to school
    • Different class offerings
    • Different way to teach even the same class from school to school
  • Math
    • Parents of girls saying they won’t put them in Algebra even if they pass the test with flying colors
    • 5th grader in gen ed 5th class will be missing 6, 7 and 8th grade math to go into algebra
    • How will holes be filled?
    • Who will they be in classroom with?
    • May just choose 7/8 challenge and have half year repeat for EAP kids
    • Kids not as worried about middle school but worried about high school math trajectory. May not want 3 years of Calc. no way off the calc math train since no other math options to take except AP Stats
    • Dr Reid says district Will offer higher level calc when there are enough kids to fill the rooms
      • What is “enough” kids?
      • When will these be offered based on current numbers?
    • Kids being told they will top out in math, so maybe don’t take the higher math early
    • Need to reassure families there will be classes for the kids to take when they get there
    • When will district offer these higher-level classes? And what do we do with the kids before it’s offered district wide?
    • Is Apex available for kids now? (Dr reid says Apex is the option for current students)
    • Looking at Microsoft: using zoom differently – elementary teachers may use this for higher level math
  • Confusion about pre-AP classes
    • New college board program: no decision yet whether district will use it
    • Don’t know how curriculum will compare to current curriculum
    • North creek will have all 9th graders in pre-AP English – says will offer supports
      • Potentially have a hicap English and social studies version to go along with pre-AP. NO gen ed
      • Option to opt out – no one opted out!! (Were all families notified in native language that opting kids into pre-AP is a change from last year? Did families really have access to info on how to opt out or really know they could? Seems very odd that NO ONE opted out.)
      • Expects kids will rise to what is expected of them
      • SEL supports, (what is this?)
      • Racial disparity in who are previously enrolled
      • How do you identify struggling kids? What supports are they offered?
    • Does this mean the pre-AP classes at north creek isn’t as rigorous as the pre-AP at woodinville? If the hicap sections are needed that is implied.
    • Jen says Maybe anyone can register for hicap English 9…not just hicap kids.
    • Does the opt in versus opt out really help minorities? Did they send info and/or robocall to families explaining this is a change from last year and the process to opt out? Did they do this in the parent’s native language?
    • No safety net. No way to opt out later if you’re put into this class. Getting F tells the kid they aren’t good enough and they don’t want to take Aps in the future.
    • Need to know what these supports are, specifically

  • Middle School math
    • Only using ITBS math for algebra readiness not the Orleans Hanna
    • Girls thinking of not taking Algebra spot
    • What’s the ultimate path for these kids
    • How will they fill the holes?
    • Are students marked differently in the system if they were EAP or not? – jen says yes
    • Need to communicate to families making algebra decisions now that there will be advanced math options for them when they get past Calc BC.
    • Need to tell the families how many kids are in their cohort of 5th grade triple jumps so they know they aren’t alone
  • AAP middle schools – same curriculum as challenge and gen ed
    • Different grading – impossible to get a 4 for AAP kids where challenge or gen ed kids can get 4s on same test
    • No differentiation of curriculum, same teacher, no info on how to perform at AAP level to get the 4
    • No pd for hicap teachers – teachers choose not to take the hicap pd
    • Same curriculum makes it hard to teach differently for gen ed/challenge/aap
    • Enrichment materials for hicap classes could be added in – would require springboard to be compacted
    • Maybe cross building communication and information sharing would help hicap teachers
    • Hicap middle school teachers expect hicap kids to not have 2e issues…which isn’t correct
    • Advisory was supposed to teach social emotional lessons once per week. Team has pulled back on this and realized it’s not good in a 30 minute class, better taught throughout the day. Still looking at programs to use.
    • Brain function may not be developed, keep teaching it but it may not stick. Teachers need to recognize the differences and help these kids to turn in homework and such.
    • Teachers need to know these kids develop asynchronously
  • Why is there double and triple jumps in math, and single jumps in ela for eap?
    • And why is there no jump from 5-6th grade, go back to grade standard in 6th
    • Some 5th grade teachers are told they can’t use 6th grade curriculum for EAP since they will have 6th grade again in middle school (different company, but still 6th grade)
    • Can’t use the 6th grade books because they will read them again next year
    • Jen will communicate to these teachers that they can use 6th grade and higher level books
    • Piloting new ELA curriculum next year k-5
    • Using benchmark, lucy Hawkins, adding different novels in elementary EAP
    • Inconsistencies between schools – if you’re lucky enough to be in the right school
  • What really is the difference between gen ed, challenge, aap?
    • Some different novels available but maybe not too many for differentiation
    • Seems there is no difference in novels and curriculum
    • All books kids read in school seem to include death. Can we have kids read something that’s not so dark?
    • Can we have a clear definition of the difference of gen ed/challenge/aap? Descriptions?
    • Jen says she will look into the course catalog descriptions for hicap classes
  • Jen will update us on if hicap testing will be reopened for 8th graders since there are now hicap sections of the ELA and history classes at some schools
  • Next meeting: Doodle to determine

Monday, March 25, 2019

Minutes from the 3/4/2019 Meeting

  • Snow closures impacted hicap testing and notification dates
    • Website dates are under review and will be adjusted
    • Hoping to know final dates by end of March
    • Anticipate being done by Monday March 25th for large group testing, may be more follow up after that for stragglers from oversight and mistakes – not makeups. NMS is last on 25th
    • Tentative dates: convene MST on March 19th, which is before end of testing to set internal thresholds for already tested kids. Start notifying kids the week following spring break. As kids test those kids will be categorized as Passed, DNQ or Need a look from the MST. All Notifications will go in backpack mail this time, not email. Emails are sent in batches and this confused families who got the robocall but no email yet. Then robocall will go to qualified families saying they got a letter in backpack mail. Then phone call to qualified families if they don’t respond.
    • Appeals: 10 business day window and reconvene MST (No extension). May hear about appeal by first week in May.
    • Backpack mail has a unique link to accept services, no sharing links
  • Grades 8-12 - closed
    • Not testing these grades, portfolio review only
    • Process has ended as of end of February. 6 families will be reviewed and get results first week in April by email.
  • Non-enrolled students – opens today till june
    • Non-enrolled students- on website
    • Must register as an NSD student first
    • Second – get ID number to submit in step 2
    • Waiting till May or so might give the student more info in the portfolio for MST to consider
    • District team will consider items from a menu of items plus anything else
      • Standards the child has been learning should be submitted
      • Want child to be in a classroom to learn things they have not yet learned
      • What has your child already learned?
      • Jen cannot ask for info from the school, parent has to get that info
  • Kindergarten
    • K is done and data is updated
    • Holistic status has been assigned and services have started
  • Spring portfolio review Grades 1-7
    • Absent, illness, not on campus, family missed the permission window
    • Left makeup inclusion up to schools
      • School may choose to put absent students in a later testing date, but hicap dept is not making this choice
      • Some schools have many testing days and may have extra space in classrooms and have capacity to do this
      • Other schools are smaller with less space and cannot do this
      • 1st graders can only test with 1st graders, 2nd-5th graders can test together
    • Late April for parent notification of portfolio review determination
    • Online under eligibility and testing – form to request portfolio review online
      • They will email all families to ask if they want to have a portfolio review if they were absent, etc.
      • They do not need any info for the portfolio, they have it already
      • Teachers should not write letters of recommendation
      • Outside testing will not be considered for Appeal or for Portfolio review
    • For portfolio review, student only has current grade info to consider where tested student has grade above test…how can current students with portfolio review look like they are ahead when they are not tested a grade ahead?
    • Jen can only use the data points of district administered assessments – reading is only Fall and June… can we get a winter assessment added? Can ask the assessment committee.
  • Middle School   
    • Students gave permission for testing and see other students testing and wonder why they aren’t testing
    • Wanted to reduce required testing as much as possible
      • If step 2 in 6th or 7th grade had 95 or above on SBA, they did not need to take IOWA for that content area
      • 94 or below would still take the IOWA in that content area
      • High correlation between IOWA and SBA performance
      • Hicap dept missed that communication telling parents. Will double check then respond to parents. If a mistake was made by hicap dept they can retest week of march 25th
    • AAP
      • Does not have a separate curriculum
      • Start with assessment, then compact, increase pace, reduce repetition. This gives time to add additional projects, add a novel in ELA, go farther in springboard
      • In class where Challenge kids were added, it’s more difficult. Need to differentiate
      • Microsoft Teams can be used for building teachers to share ideas on how to differentiate in these mixed ability classrooms
      • Rubric seems to imply that the highest grade cannot be achieved unless extra outside work is done…equity issue. Should not require Saturday participation or NHD for example.
      • Jen and Asst. supers will determine the composition of Middle school classrooms next year
      • Next month we can invite curriculum and instruction asst supers to talk about this.
      • ‘Challenge for all’ being expanded to all middle school grades makes it even more important to make AAP a unique level that is not infringed upon.
      • If middle school teachers expect hicap students to be organized and academically advanced without any instruction on basic executive function they are setting them up for failure on more than just their performance on a test. Need to teach teachers hicap kids aren’t necessarily advanced in social emotional aspects and executive function
      • A couple of years ago the descriptions for gened/challenge/aap in a catalog were slightly different. NHD was required for AAP but not others, AAP had an extra novel required. Now the catalog does not have these differences
      • Canyon park says single subject qualifiers will be placed in aap class as space allows
      • Counselor visits to elementary and tours at middle schools
        • No equity in school tours and visits from middle schools for EAP kids not in feeder elem
        • Middle schools don’t seem to remember they have EAP kids coming from schools that are not their feeder schools
      • Newly qualified 5th grade kids need a transition to Math 7/8. Should be doing tenmarks 6th grade standards to bridge the gap.
  • How is math being handled in neighborhood schools for EAP kids with no EAP classroom?
    • Professional learning communities within the buildings to look at data of grade level to implement strategies for increased results
    • Hicap dept is charged with fixing math model in elementary
      • Some small schools are small enough to do walk to math
      • District math committee recommended walk to math for fall of 2020
      • 5th grade has issues: technology access, one building teacher that teaches higher level math, Minecraft for education – M$ partnership is working on this. 6 schools, 25 teachers trained march 28th April 1st, may be able to get a surface for every kid in those classrooms. Minecraft has been aligned with WA state learning standards for math up to 7th grade standards. Hope to do full implementation in fall. All kids can be assigned appropriate level and all work in the environment.
    • April 16th 10am next meeting

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Boundary Q&A at Leota Middle School

These are the notes I took at the 3/12/2019 Q&A with Mr. Paperman and Mr. Harmon:

  1. Survey on the website for those who have additional questions
  2. Hope to have a recommendation to present to the board in the spring with implementation by fall of 2020

Comment: For PACE most families won't move to Bear Creek from Wellington or to Frank Love from Lockwood

Q: is K-12 for Northshore Family Partnership (NFP) being taken into consideration in this plan? IF so where would it be housed

A: Not currently considering K-12 for NFP, not part of the planning

Q: Is EAP in the Home school for all schools being considered?

A:No, haven't looked at what it would take to implement multi-ability in same classroom (questioner asked: Isn't that what single subject kids are doing right now? A: Yes)

Comment: PACE gives more to Wellington that you may realize in terms of community and volunteering

Q: How many years can the new changes hold new growth?

A: Looking into 2026 for EAP

Q: Did the district do a survey of PACE parents and ask them if they would move to a new site?

A: No we did not. But we can

Q: Has the district thought about what all the moves and not having a bond to the community and school is doing to our kids? Are we causing psychological harm to them?

Q: Will current EAP teachers have an EAP position in the district if Bear Creek EAP is moved?

Q: Can current EAP students get priority for waivers to stay with their community and friends if it splits or moves to another school?

A: Maybe

Q: Did district look at changing boundaries of all schools to fix the previous adjustment that clearly wasn't a long term fix?

A: Looked at expanding boundaries of BEar Creek to have at least 2 classrooms per grade and that wasn't possible without eating into other schools with low enrollment. Did not look at redistricting whole district, mainly looked at Bear Creek to minimize disruption.

Q: Can district publish the data used to make these suggested changes?

A: EDTF data is on website... (can we get that site?)

Q: What are the special academic programs referred to?

A: EAP, NFP, PACE, Dual Language, Special Ed, Early Learning

Q: How many kids are you projecting adding to NFP by 2026?

A: Looking at 100-150 kids in the program (not taking into account adding grades 7-12 to program or program growth as NFP parents are projecting.)

Q: Did you consider closing the Bear Creek Building?

A: Considered moving Gen Ed out of building but not closing building completely. Urban Growth boundary will move at some point and it's expected over 10k more kids will be added to district at that time. Need the space.

Comment: NFP should be planned for K-12 sooner rather than later

Q: Did you consider all the aspects of moving a PACE program to another building? New teachers to be hired, new parents to be placed in roles, Financials (funds are tied to the building. if you move buildings you have to give the money to the building and start at new school with nothing or parents have to vote for money to go to new school. if parents aren't moving schools with program they might not vote to move money.)

A: We did not fully consider all of these aspects and have learned a lot in the last 2 weeks. Will consider all of this and do more research

Q: If EAP leaves Bear Creek where will the kids go?

A: kids will be split between Sunrise and Canyon creek based on their home school.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

EAP Program Placement

First, a little background. In fall 2018 the Enrollment Demographic Task Force submitted draft boundary changes to ease overcrowding in the north Bothell schools when the new building on the Canyon Creek/Skyview campus and the new elementary school on Maltby are done. The draft proposal included an assumption that EAP students would be serviced at their neighborhood schools. The draft is available here. In general, there are not enough students qualifying for EAP at each grade level at every neighborhood school to fill a classroom, or even split classroom. Thus this assumption seemed incorrect.

In early 2019 the cabinet drafted a proposal about program placement under the new boundaries, including EAP, PACE, and FSA programs. You can see the proposal here. The proposal suggests creating 4 EAP sites (Sunrise, Moorlands, Lockwood, and Canyon Creek) to align with the four NSD regions (East, South, West, and North).

The HiCap Parents Council had mixed feelings about the proposed EAP changes. We have responded to the EDTF and cabinet with the following letter:

Cabinet and EDTF members:
The HiCap Parents Council represents HiCap students and families from the entire school district, both those placed in EAP and AAP classrooms and those receiving services in their home schools, giving us a unique perspective on program placement. We were surprised earlier in the school year when the recommended boundary change draft did not include consideration about program placement, particularly EAP. Thus the cabinet proposal presented in the study session on 1/14/19 was a welcome step towards a more equitable and considered assignment of all students across the district.
However, we do have some questions and thoughts about proposed EAP locations for 2020.
1. Ideally EAP programs would be located in a way that encourages both academic success and community building.
    A. An entire program (grades 2- 5) is preferable to isolated classrooms that change from year to year. This enables EAP teachers to work with a cohort, share information about curriculum and students, and use knowledge gained in one year into the next. This is especially important when bringing new teachers into EAP.
    B. Locations within a feeder pattern are desirable. EAP students do get to know and be friends with neighborhood and other children at their program location, and it is a hardship to be moved from year to year or to go to a different middle and high school from the neighborhood students. EAP students are also split between multiple middle schools. Currently, this isn't avoidable, with fewer EAP locations than middle schools. However, assigning, for example, Maywood Hills students to a Moorlands EAP location (where the neighborhood and other EAP students would be going to Northshore MS and Inglemoor HS while Maywood attends Canyon Park MS and Bothell HS), or the existing assignment of many north Bothell residents (Skyview MS, North Creek HS) to Bear Creek (Timbercrest MS and Woodinville HS) disrupts friendships and community building.
    C. Keeping the above in mind, we would propose outlining a feeder pattern for the EAP sites that at least keeps High School assignments aligned (EAP students should attend an EAP elementary school that goes to the same high school as the neighborhood elementary school they would have attended). Ideally, and thinking long term with the continued growth of the EAP program, a 6 EAP site solution that aligns to the Middle School feeder patterns would be the best, and that would be our strong recommendation.    D. Long-distance EAP assignments cause several negative effects both on a daily basis--long bus rides--and overall--harder to attend before and after school activities, harder to attend PTA activities. The proposed EAP location in North Bothell is a very welcome addition!
    E. Forcing other programs (Lockwood PACE, Wellington PACE) to move in order to realign EAP feeder patterns, especially when these programs consists of many neighborhood families, encourages a negative perception of EAP and inhibits community building.
    F. It has long been a problem that families cannot waiver siblings into EAP schools due to space restrictions. Even when they have been able to waiver a sibling in, the waiver does not include transportation (although transportation is guaranteed for the EAP student). This is a significant equity issue - asking families to manage the overhead of kids in multiple schools is not realistic for many families, and creates equity of access issues. Please consider keeping families together by planning to have space available at EAP locations for sibling waivers and to include transportation for siblings. This keeps siblings together on the bus, in after school care, and at school community activities such as evening science fairs and school plays, making it much more possible for all of our demographic groups to access EAP equitably.
2. The success of relocated programs (such as the 2017 EAP move from Shelton View to Lockwood) and new EAP sites is heavily dependent on appropriate staffing. Having the Shelton View EAP teachers move with the students in 2017 maintained the feeling of community and also helped bring new-to-EAP teachers and existing administrators and specialists up to speed on the needs of the EAP students. If the EAP program is moved from Bear Creek to Canyon Creek and/or Sunrise, the move will be more successful for the students if the teachers are able to move as well. Please encourage existing, established EAP teachers to move to new sites so that there are experienced staff everywhere. It is crucial for there to be an experienced EAP teacher leader at every EAP site.
3. The original EDTF boundary proposals included current and projected enrollment figures for various schools.
    A. What are the proposed feeder patterns for EAP sites and projected EAP enrollment for future years?
    B. The original EDTF proposal assumed that all students were at their neighborhood/home schools. How do the numbers change with choice and EAP students at the program locations instead? These numbers should be published, similar to how we can anticipate a certain number of students to waiver into Inglemoor for the IB program.
    C. How will these proposed program placements alter the suggested boundary changes? Will there be enough room at Canyon Creek EAP in future years with much of the population growth expected in the north region?

Thank you for your attention to these considerations,
The HiCap Parents Council

A district website with some of the boundary information is available here:

Monday, January 28, 2019

Minutes from 1/15/2019 Meeting


  • Completed testing process – Naglieri, WA Kids
  • District team met on Friday – set qualification thresholds
  • Thursday – holistic services notified – email and robocall
  • Permission is required
  • Friday – email for rest of families not qualified yet – data
  • Backpack mail will go out next week
  • Thresholds will be posted on website on Thursday
  • Appeals process posted Thursday
  • Services start right now
    • Details in letter for what services are
    • Also on website

Grades 1-7

  • Assessment and communication
  • Families emailing every email in hicap, so multiple people are working on the same issue…slowing things down
  • Wait 5 business days for a response from hicap dept
  • 4106 moving forward to assessment. Email, 3 robocalls, backpack mail
  • DNQ letters have not gone out yet – STAR data wasn’t in district data system when they did the analysis. Stopped DNQ letters to wait for STAR data. 35 more families qualified with this new STAR data. (mostly 3rd grade families affected)
  • Some people didn’t get email, but did get robocall. They just marked these kids as accepted
  • Can re-send the email because of custody issues, can re-send with email on file only. Update email on file to get letters re-sent with link to accept testing
  • Link is individualized, don’t forward link
  • General hicap questions go to the hicap@nsd, escalation should go to Jbenson@
  • “Choose 1 email, send one time, wait 5 business days for a response”
  • IOWA – next grade ahead is literally next grade ahead
  • Went to technology and asked about putting data into ParentVue. Lucy is getting permissions to put the data into ParentVue. STARR, IOWA, Naglieri, IRR will all be put into ParentVue.
  • Family outreach liaisons are calling families that haven’t responded to give yes/no for assessment
  • Permission is due by Friday at 4pm to test. If no permission, they will have portfolio review in the spring, no makeup testing.
  • If you received a robocall then your permission is due Friday.
  • Single subject will go forward with assessment, need to give permission
  • Teachers didn’t read, review, generate hicap letter in backpack mail. Check with hicap website for info on hicap, teachers don’t have all the info.
  • About 500 have not given permission.
  • DNQ will go out next week still processing data

  • IOWA is online this year, establishing accounts for last few months with Houghton Mifflin

  • 21 proctors trained, webinar training on how to proctor online test. Doing lots of practice on how to proctor with the new system
  • Lead proctors plus their team will be assigned to each region (N,S, E, W)
  • Self paced session (grades 2+), headphones and on their own
  • 1st graders are proctor lead, proctor reads directions
  • About 40 minutes per test (reading & math)
  • Starting Friday, Sunrise and 3 other elementary schools will start testing with all proctors in team.
  • May be a 1-2 week delay with testing because of technology, but scores come back in 24 hours, so it shouldn’t delay the final dates – last year they had to wait for paper scoring
  • 504 or IEP kids will not be in the same group, will get extended time or whatever accommodations they should get
  • Maybe council organize a parent info night about 2E kids and the law about 504 and iep in hicap
  • May need to review timeline for eligibility process listed on website, but it may be ok
  • Hicap website not sending the emails to subscribers if website has been updated – jen will check with technology to see if it works or if it can be fixed
  • Results may or may not be back before middle school counselors go to elementary schools and kids register, but Jen is placing, so families shouldn’t worry
  • Dually qualified students can be in-school but be able to jump into EAP at any time in the future


  • If a person goes to the website most important info is at:
    • Eligibility and testing on left side bar – timeline, change address to get info
    • Current students – screening and assessment for each grade
    • Screening threshold – percentile for moving forward in each test
    • Non-enrolled students – process for getting tested
    • Instruments – IOWA, naglieri etc
    • NNAT3 overview
    • Assessment – explanation about permission, proctors, IOWA
    • Appeals process – updated on Thursday 1/17

EAP and grading

  • Different approaches to EAP grading
    • Guidance around standards
    • Application of 4,3,2,1 for EAP – memo sent to teachers
    • Jen meeting with EAP teachers to help with report cards
    • Maybe look at the Presidential Academic Fitness award and give guidance to EAP teachers

2020 EAP/AAP school placements – Study session 1/14/2019 document released

  • Program adjustments for 2020/2021 year
  • EDTF looking at overcrowding at north end schools
  • Recommendation for boundary adjustments
  • Jen is not leading this work – provided input but isn’t a decision maker here
  • EAP designated schools accessible throughout district
  • New Canyon creek north region EAP program
  • Lockwood will be West region site
  • Move all woodmore EAP to Moorlands
  • East region will move to Sunrise from Bear Creek
  • Thoughtful with new qualifiers and may put them into the new sites to minimize transitions from school to school if it works with numbers
  • Ones currently in program may want to move early; this may or may not be possible
  • Joe Haberman at EDTF is contact to ask about considerations for this proposal
  • EDTF can answer transportation questions

Tuesday 2/12/2019 10am for next meeting