Sunday, December 31, 2023

Minutes from 12/12/23 Meeting


December 12, 2023 HiCap Council Meeting Notes



        Holly volunteered to be Secretary for today’s meeting.

        No one volunteered for the role.

        Secretary ideally should be in the room, because it is hard to take notes from zoom. 

        Discussed creating a sign-up genius and everyone taking a turn.


---------- DISCUSSION TOPIC -----------------------------------------


     Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast: Episode 86 All About Anxiety


     Is it my anxiety projecting onto my kid?

     How much anxiety have I place on my kid?

     Summit Clinic does a whole psych eval that looks at the whole child and not just one issue

     It is important that we have a wide base of knowledge, because you never know when you are going to run into with your child or another child.

     You can be prepared for when kids have a panic attack, so you are prepared to apply first aid.

     Distracting video: 68 ways to make potatoes.

     Modeling how to manage my own anxiety and demonstrating my tools, so my kids can see it.

     If a kid has an anxious tendency, they get more controlling.

     If a kid is stubborn or tries to limit changes in routine that can be the surface behavior for anxious kids.

     A lot of other undiagnosed things have anxiety has an overlap.

     PDA is pathological demand avoidance and can be a manifestation of anxiety for Autism.

     PDA is now being reserved as a Pervasive Drive for Autonomy.

     Future reading ideas: neurodiverse affirming approach in general or Porges’ Polyvagal theory

     How do you approach a teacher who has a high level of anxiety and how that impacts the students?

     If a child starts showing high levels of anxiety, it may not always be based on the child, but may be a change in environment.



---------- AMITY UPDATES -----------------------------------------

     Integrated model update

     Presentation at Hollywood Hill

     30 people there

     hosted by the PTA

     Talking about the plans for next year

     did not address the report card changes during the meeting

     With the integrated model, teachers need to understand the standards, because the complexity expectations for a child change across the levels. In order to meet the child’s needs, you need to jump back and forth to address where a child might exceed standards and need instruction at a higher level to move forward or need additional support.

     If a teacher is used to only teaching the advancement from one grade level standard to the next grade level standard, then they would be able to teach a child through a years growth of progress if students need to advance between other standards.

     We have not yet updated the current report card to match the Houghton Mifflin curriculum in terms of grade level expectations and skills.

     We can not use report cards to measure the roll out of the integrated model.

     Our report cards are not currently standards based.

     I-ready scores are not included on report cards and are inconsistently included with report cards when they are sent home and teachers don’t always share it with parents.

     I-ready could be a useful tool to measure a year's worth of growth.

     I-ready has two different tracks and the teacher can assign i-ready lessons

     I-ready can get maxed out and not be able to measure the progress of more advanced students.

     Worried that teachers and admin are not telling parents when students have a deficit

     Upcoming scheduled at Moorlands and Sunrise

     Will be to inform the communities entering the integrated model next year.

     Survey update - re-explain the survey and the intent

     Just two admins doing student interviews: 70 completes and another 150 more to do

     Random sampling of second and third grade students

     Teachers and schools have raised concerns with students getting the survey

     Questions are roughly:

     Do you have anyone to play with at recess?

     Does anyone in your classroom have similar interests?

     Are you happy in your class?

     What would make your class better?

     What do you like best about your class?

     Parent feedback:

     it takes a year for students to develop friendships

     their kids just don’t have the social engagement: need more structured social engagement

     No data analysis yet. Will do it once all the interviews are done.

     2nd and 3rd grade survey

     PD Update of math held last week

     we talked about this last week

     included two chapters on gifted children and how trauma impacts them

     for all buildings that have started the integrated model, the building leads receive this professional development and then they bring it back and offer it to their building

     There used to be a huge push for math acceleration in the district years ago, but now there are some people questioning if we should accelerate so quickly.

     talked about:

     opportunities to engage students at all math levels for other curriculum in the classroom

     thinking classroom (share a pan and small group discussions)

     lots of additional resources in the curriculum that can be used as needed

     discussed math expressions daily routines

     breaking about numbers and putting them together

     explanation of what they are doing in math

     talking about their math

     Suggestion or resource: bedtime math free app

     Integrated model feedback: kids struggle with transitions

     There a lot of perspectives on homework

     At the last listen and learn last week: where is the homework?

     There is a wide spectrum of homework expectations across the district and teachers struggle to meet those expectations.

     The level of math here vs elsewhere is different in different countries. Some countries expect a higher level in math than we expect here.

     If elementary kids don’t get homework, then they may struggle with homework when they get it later in their schooling.

     Senior Survey Questions

     Hicap has been doing the senior survey for 3 years and usually gets about 30 responses. Historically, it’s been sent in late May after exams.

     Admin wants the survey questions. They want to review to consider and possibly make suggestions to modify the questions.

     Plan to send out in April this year in the hopes that we will get more responses.

     Staff asks: How many kids drop out of EAP accelerated pathway by grade 10?

     To address this concern, we need data that shows that the accelerated pathway is not harming students.

     Testing update

     Thank you, proctors! There is a lot of running around and getting the tests done. Thank you!

     There will be makeup tests in May.

     The math took longer than expected.

     Test scheduling is challenging:

     Don’t schedule during recess

     Don’t schedule during specialist

     It varies greatly based on building and their level of coordination.

     How does the information about when the testing is done get to parents? The hicap testing timeline is posted on the website. Additional timeline info needs to be done at a school or classroom level.

     HiCap admin sent clear explanations to schools about which students need to take the additional screening and which ones don’t for various other reasons including that they already qualified based on the SBA.

     Students in 2, 3 and 4, need to be referred (parents can do this) to Hicap to be considered for screening.

     We don’t post makeup test dates.

     Regional presentations for next year’s students: Feb 6, 7, 13, & 15 all from 6-7pm

     Feb 6th: East

     Feb 7th: South

     Feb 13th: North

     Feb 15th: West

     The East region will not be on the 13th.

     These sessions will be on zoom and recorded.

     There are four to allow for enough time for parents to ask all their questions and address any feeder pattern questions.

     Will send a Hicap newsletter

     Will introduce the hicap council at the beginning of the meeting.

     It’s helpful for parents to know of another parent they can talk to or ask questions of.

     What will happen to a qualifying 2nd grader in a school without EAP classrooms? They will get bussed to their local EAP program.

     2024-25 School Year Integrated Classroom plans for each school

     Arrowhead, East Ridge, Frank Love, Kokanee, and Westhill: Grades 2 and 3 will roll up Grade 4 (last year's 3rd graders)

     Canyon Creek, Fernwood, Kenmore, Lockwood: Grade 2 will roll up Grade 3 (last year's 2nd graders)

     Hollywood Hill, Moorlands, Shelton View, Sunrise will begin with Grade 2

We may add the following schools in the future, but not at this point in time.

     Cottage Lake, Wellington, Woodmoor, Maywood Hills, Crystal Springs, Woodin will continue to feed into other schools for highly capable services.

     Ruby Bridges has already integrated at all grades.


     Amity will have increased scope of responsibilities next year (MTSS, Multi-language learners, CTE, etc). She is still trying to figure out how her team will scope to the new workload.


---------- COUNCIL QUESTIONS/UPDATES -------------------------------------

     Middle school & high school math club

     You don’t need to be an expert to run a Math Club.

     At the high schools Math clubs are ASB led.

     When teachers run a coordinated program across the district, you get 100 kids showing up and trying out for 20 pots on the club.

     Students need to have the problem solving ability that you can develop in Math Club

     The sports coaches have a union, so they get a coordinated plan setup ahead of the year.

     I want the kids to feel challenged and have fun with Math.

     Middle schools don’t consistently have it.

     WA state has a Math league.

     Math Olympiad is an option that some Middle Schools like Leota’s PTA have done.

     Northshore does not have standardization across the district on academic clubs

     Northshore Council PTSA Advocacy:


Wondering how you can make a difference in school funding?

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WSPTA Focus on Advocacy Day

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---------- COUNCIL BUSINESS -------------------------------------

     In which areas do we want to focus our advocacy?

     What things do we want to see happen?


---------- ONGOING QUESTIONS/CONCERNS -------------------------------------
Austina is giving a Bear Creek talk on how to help reluctant writers


As we are moving to integrated classrooms, how does that impact our summer meetup plans?


Include the Northshore Council PTA Advocacy info in a Hicap newsletter going out the first week of January.