Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Minutes from 5/22/2018 Meeting

5/22/2018 – hicap meeting Elementary Data
  • Qualification done by end of year
  • Looking at individual anonymized schools as examples of data
  • Giving high score data from students to schools even if the kids may not qualify for hicap designation so schools can cluster group and meet the needs of kids regardless of designation
  • Elementary schools looking at math solutions for kids who need math acceleration
  • Measure of Success:
    • all kids have opportunity to go down a path they couldn’t before
    • Teachers will change their concept of potential in children
    • Increased math qualification, opens doors to access to math for children
    • All Naglieri qualified kids have potential, if they don’t qualify, what is it about our system that hasn’t grown that child into one that would pass ITBS? What is it about their academic experience that hasn’t served them well? If we end up with a lack of diversity, what have we don’t as a system that has not served these students? Are we assessing these students for disabilities as well? At grade level work does not mean the child doesn’t have a disability.
MST (confidential right now)
  • Waiting on scores, have some grade levels and don’t have others
  • Have MST agree on pathways based on scores we have now then apply to later received scores
  • All schools won’t have qualification info at once, all in a grade won’t have qualification at one time, each child will be analyzed one by one and get a letter and qualification.
  • Communication for existing families – won’t have to move and will have transportation. If you want to move that process will start in August
  • Should have a HiCap NSD website with update like “sunrise 3rd grade has been notified”
  • Don’t know what the process next year will look like
  • Final communication will be email. 2 communications: first info on designation then second on site
  • 6th grade AAP should know site along with qualification, 7&8 will have to wait on numbers for site communication
  • Publish high water mark for scores (like all above 98% will get dual qualification) then say MST will use discretion in borderline qualification
Will try to get website and communication up sometime next week There will be an EAP open house – timeline is unsure at this point: late June, early/mid/late August
  • Parents like to see room, kids, teacher to make decision on whether to accept placement
  • Usually an empty classroom with panel of kids who volunteered to share info with new families
New to Northshore screen now, assessment May 30th, private school assessment May 30th No more than 20 students at any school that will do makeups – SBAC is conflicting with time there, so doing best they can Let families know they will receive results and will hear either way, qualify or not. Update email on file. Response will be due for single subject sooner since no site change, dual with site will come later when Jen figures it out. Hopefully after open house but may come before.   HiCap only meeting:
  • Finances
    • Need to fundraise and need someone to head this up.
    • Can we put a donate button on website? can we pass around a box at panels and talks to raise money?
    • Survey gizmo, mail chimp cost about $60+ per month, website costs as well
  • Elections
    • 4 high school, 4+ elementary, 6 Middle School, Unidentified Elem, Unidentified Middle, Regional non-EAP Elementary rep – Kenmore, Woodinville, Bothell or feeder to High school elementary (cover unidentified, kindergarten, single subject and dual in neighborhood)
    • Timing: wait till mid-June for elections
  • Add paypal on the website – ask for funds for park dates, etc
  • Look at mailchimp to see if we can cull email addresses for those no longer interested