Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Minutes from 10/23/2018 Meeting

Director of Intervention Services / HiCap Services – Jen Benson
EAP Rep / Bear Creek Elem – Lisa Benado
EAP Rep / Lockwood Elem – Bonnie Plottner
EAP Rep / Moorlands Elem – Allison Headlee
Regional Elem Rep / Woodinville Feeder Pattern – Sylvia Bagley
Regional Elem Rep / Inglemoor Feeder Pattern – Veronica Webb
Regional Elem Rep / Bothell Feeder Pattern – Myriam Juritz
Middle School Rep / Northsohore MS – Xiaoying Zhang
Middle School Rep / Skyview MS – Lauren Lewis
Middle School Rep / Canyon Park MS – Jennifer Spanton
Middle School Rep / Timbercrest MS – Rob Pajaro
High School Rep / Bothell HS – Laurie Ferraiolo
High School Rep / Woodinville HS – Austina De Bonte
High School Rep / Inglemoor HS – Brenae Brix

First Topic
  • If come across somebody interested in HiCap let them know to subscribe to the Hi Cap website to get advised of updated information.
  • For example yesterday the new process has been added and if you were a subscriber you were notified.
  • All new information posted will be notified to the subscribers – HiCap highlights.
Second Topic
  • New Families to NSD Process: info in the website, under Eligibility tab.
  • Jen gave New Family flyer.
  • Jen was contacted by about 40 families, that now she needs to get back with them.
  • There is no review of files of families that are not in NSD given that Jen’s primary responsibility is to the currently enrolled families.
  • Different steps for new families in NSD based on when contacted NSD:
  • Between Aug/11 through Nov/20
  • Portfolio review, submit any and all data available, file review and analysis, MST to convene and review file (Dec/1/2018).
  • If student did not qualify, move to testing
  • If no file review, go directly to testing
  • After Dec/1, there will not be more file reviews available.
  • Due to level piece, Jen will not accept outside/private testing because it is tricky (for example, summer if you were 5th grade we give you 6th grade).
  • From April to Aug/10: They will have 2 opportunities, file review and then screening
Third Topic: EAP Report Card – Do not share (for 1 week)
  • EAP: last week convened teachers and discussed the report card.
  • In progress report card, there are only yes and nos.
  • In the report card, one of the HiCap teachers in the cadre requested to have clarification on the 1/2/3/4 mean.  Met last week great conversation, and wrote memo, shared with Tim (union) he agrees
  • When EAP teacher science, social and writing will use grade standards
  • When EAP teacher scores math and reading they will score on the standards they are taught to  (for example, 2nd grade will score to 3rd grade standards).
  • This is only for EAP classroom not for in-class model.
  • Before EAP familes got addendum in the report card for math.
  • Last year, they added information in the comments area (’copy-paste’ solution)
  • As it is too expensive and 8 months work, so they will continue with the ’copy-paste’ solution.
  • EAP grading memo – to give guidance on what the 3/4 mean:
  • - 4 means a student demonstrated accurate academic achievement application, reasoning and critical analysis (for example, creating a similar problem, justification to teacher, transfer of knowledge, teaching to another student, come up with the topic sentence, etc.)
  • - 3 is accurate completion of standards at grade being taught
  • There will be an optional work session for EAP teacher to learn/share about completion of report cards and Jen can compensate for their time.
  • Some parent education is needed that given with these new ways of grading some students that had a 4 before will now be scored against following years standards and then get a 3.
  • Jen: a parent letter will be sent home with the report card.
To Share
  • How can we help you Jen?
  • Chat with your building administrators to give feedback on how in-class services are working.
  • Jen shared when she was a Principal she always appreciated to hear form the parent before she heard from her supervisor.
  • If you hear that the principal dismisses the parent or the parent doesn’t feel heard or the parent feels their students needs are not being met, schedule a meeting with teachers and principal and the purpose should be to review assessment data.  Because assessment data is what will direct the work and services!
  • First contact your teacher, teacher should have formal or informal information to have the conversation of meeting students needs.  Then access the Principal, and if it doesn’t work there is always reach out to the Assistant Superintendent for direct support.
  • Inform parents that receiving services is possible, that currently buildings are implementing models and doing some experiments on how to deploy in-classroom services.
  • If it is not happening at your school… advocate!
  • Talk with Assistant Superintendent
Fifth Topic: TenMarks (110 licenses given out)
  • Amazon is not selling licenses so for about 48 hours.
  • Kokanee’s PTA bought school-wide licenses and because lower enrollment the district could buy licensees.
  • Greg (STS from Kokannee) uploaded all new students.  Thanks to Greg and Kokanee!
  • There is a webinar for teachers (90 minutes) to take in their own time and can get compensated to learn how to set up the accounts and start the students in TenMarks.
  • It is up to the teacher to do the webinar, set up the account, and give to the kids.
  • Partnering with Microsoft (through Jen’s husband) that goes beyond Math… exploring options for many uses in the District.
Seventh Topic: HiCap Parent Night – Info can be shared!
  • Develop online video instead of evening session.
  • It will be posted and people can view it at their own time.
  • The website could have a question form so Jen can answer them in the video.
  • The question submission open is for about 2 weeks,
  • It will be translated into Spanish.
  • There will be some information for Elementary, Middle and High.
  • Jen will meet with Elizabeth Meza (Natural Leaders) to communicate about more diversity.
They are trying to have less tests and move to services.
  • No need parent permission for the screening, but if they move forward the parents need to accept further testing and eventually services.
  • There is no referral process, and the tests will be administered during the day and by a proctor.
  • The schedule for this years is going to be different from different grades:
  • - In January second assessment
  • - In Feb MST meets
  • - In Feb/March info available for families
  • Another thing to review is the service model that the District is providing.
For next year, all students are going to be screened again:
  • - kinder – have their own process
  • - grade 8th to 12th – file review for qualification
  • - grade 1st to 7th – two steps
  • Nagilieri will not be for all grades because some grades already have some assessments that can be used as cognitive measures without having to test those students.
  • All kids will be analyzed through data or testing, and then decide if they move to the second set of assessments/testing.
For example, - A holistic 1st grader will go though the whole process again. - 1st graders Nagilieri and IRRs for 1st step; they can qualify to continue testing thought either one, given that the Sate requires 2 different opportunities to qualify. - For a 4th grade, the screening is just the SBA (math and/or reading), and if they pass, they’ll have to take the ITBS. Question: As the SBA is a measure of the standards the student was exposed to, isn’t it dependent on the teacher and on the school building the student is at? Answer: The Board has asked this question, and it is a conversation still to be had.