Sunday, April 22, 2018

Minutes from 4/19/2018 Meeting

4/19/2018 HiCap council meeting Helen, Kavi, Lisa, Lauri, austina, Angie, Angie, Brenae  

Assessment update
  • Scheduling last 5 schools now, will do make ups after that
    • All testing done not counting makeups and private schools after end of next week
  • In-house scoring of ITBS – first grade. 2 weeks for out of house
  • Torrence 4-6 weeks to score. Waiting for first wave to come back still
  • Hoping to have acceptance info before the panel dates
  • Private school testing: in data file and will schedule as soon as possible.
  • Finish testing, makeups next and private school testing after that
  • Share scheduling : first sweep end of next week, makeups after that, then private school students will be scheduled
Advisory Team
  • 3rd meeting on Tuesday of this week
  • Service models for HiCap classes in elementary
    • Supplements they use
    • Strengths, weaknesses
    • Curriculum used
  • AAP, cluster in middle school, HS
  • April 30: Gayle Hannanan join NSD and May 1
    • Systems change
    • Keys to program improvement
    • PD – hoping to build it into the Mandatory training – working with the union on this
    • Meet with district leadership, visit sites, Lockwood, Fernwood – in class, NMS for AAP
    • Advisory team has a wish list – dr Hannanan will look at these at advisory team meeting
    • Council – by Thursday – send magic wand “if you had a magic wand what would be your top 1-3 priorities to change or address for HiCap services?”
    • Cabinet meeting in Board Room on April 30 at 9am-noon – council invited to dr hannanan’s talk
Guidance Team, Walk-to-math
  • Jen working with building staff to convene a guidance team, child study team, (traditionally used for struggling students) to access student testing data, etc. to get a personalized teaching plan for that student regardless of hicap testing results. Not getting into hicap shouldn’t be the only way to access advanced work. Another way to reach out to the school team to get the academic plan to address the needs of the student.
  • Steve says Walk-to-Math happening at his school. Some grades have aligned times for math to make this possible. Usually parents initiate this with teacher support.
  • In class math kids should be able to walk to math. Each school should have at least one class per grade that teaches math at the same time each day to allow this.
  Update on Data from screening and assessment
  • Lots of charts and data on the screening results
  • Will present this to cabinet, principals and etc
  Update on schools from us
  • Issues with AAP
    • Parents wanting to accelerate in math over summer
    • Issues with 2 aap teachers – one English teacher and one science teacher - talking to principals about this
    • Austina: Algebra with all AAP kids is different than math with multiple grades. May need a new curriculum or book