Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Minutes from 4/16/24 Meeting

Council Notes

Middle School Updates

   “Evidence Base for Advanced Learning Programs” reading is based on the Skyview Middle School request for changing

   Austina: “De-tracking” removing tracks (i.e., low performers/remedial tracks); education has moved away from this in recent years; not only does this improve low performers, it can improve the situation for high performers; however, research is very mixed (mixed together there is a small positive effect)

   Does Skyview Middle meet the law the state is required to provide? Does not seem to at this point. Changing curriculum does not solve behavior problems; HiCap students who are not motivated may do the minimum required


Amity Updates

   Senior survey

-    Angie put results in a Jot form; Amity would like to send this out district-wide in the next few weeks

-    Added a question: “what was the highest level of math you took in HS?”

-    Provided to seniors with a HiCap designation

-    Questionnaire needs to be edited; it is a bit long; need to look at responses from past surveys, perhaps low response questions could be eliminated

   State is transitioning grant process

   Discussion regarding PD for staff; should PD be offered for parents/community?



Council Questions/Updates

   Skyview meeting updates:

-    Amity asked for a briefing paper from Skyview, was given a presentation:

   Skyview does not understand what HiCap/district does (the presentation was very one-sided); Amity asking Skyview to re-evaluate pros and cons, making sure they are fully developed representing multiple view points

   Not a “listening” session; select data provided: believe acceptance criteria changed in 2018 and too many students are identified as HiCap; want to continue backfilling classes (not in the current CBA)

   Carson’s question to Skyview teachers: how is what you’re proposing different from what you’re requesting?

-    Conversation should focus on curriculum decisions not student numbers (i.e., backfilling)

-    Curriculum needs to focus on scaffolding 2E and gifted students who may not be motivated to do HiCap-level work

-    Next steps: Amity and Melissa Riley will meet with Skyview to rework their briefing paper/presentation; possibly form a task force to evaluate all the shifts in middle school in recent years; HiCap subcommittee to create a position statement

   Concerns about Edgenuity adequately preparing students for SBA testing:

-    SBA scores will reflect who is using Edgenuity and who is not

-    Terra concerned that the compressed math curriculum may not provide enough repetition to build foundational skills

-    Last year, 62% got 4s, 29% got 3s (91% meet or exceed grade level)

   Large HiCap math class sizes (34 students at FLE):

-    School will have to decide what to do on a case by case basis

   Future of NSD HiCap:

-    Seattle Public Schools has been in the news recently; negative reception

-    Bellevue and Lake Washington districts are contemplating changes

Council Business

   Elementary play dates:

-    What is the value? If students aren’t transitioning to HiCap schools, why are certain students invited and not all? Cost?

   Value is not based on the school but rather the cohort of parents; strong value in building parent community

-    PTAs push back about this being exclusive/insular

-    Change to district-wide rather than school-specific gatherings? Regional?

-    Perhaps make play dates inclusive, everyone is welcome, but the topic will be HiCap

-    Could have value in middle school meet-ups, more for parents

-    Woodmoor, Maywood, Wellington, Crystal Springs, Cottage Lake still have students that move to a HiCap school; value in meeting other families doing the same

-    Create a survey to ask NSD community about play dates and whether it is good for parents, kids, or both?

   Annual financial audit: Terra and Becky to complete

   Upcoming election:

-    Communications, voting can be separated and led by different people; timeline is 10 days for nominations and 10 days for voting; meet offsite to transition positions

-    Holly will be the Election Chair: manage nomination forms and tally votes

-    Meeting to be scheduled week of June 3rd; survey to be sent out to decide the date

-    Elections will begin in May; possibly send into to PTA for increased distribution