Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Minutes from 8/27/19 Meeting

HiCap Parent Council Meeting
with Amity Butler
August 27, 2019
10:00 am – 12:25 pm

  1. Introduction by Amity Butler
Title = Director of Accelerated Models & Programs
Reports directly to Dr. Reid
  1. Other major re-organizations? Student Services, e-learning vice principal
  2. Amity’s background overview
  3. Parent council rep introductions
  4. Scheduling
    1. Tuesdays 10 am – 1 pm
    2. Tuesday, September 17
    3. Tuesday, October 22
    4. Tuesday, November 19 – Look at scheduling later meetings
    5. Tuesday, December 10
  5. District is currently working on last-minute appeals. Transportation is a challenge. Some kids with dual qualification that were receiving in-class services are now being offered EAP services, but no established procedure for that. Transportation and sibling waiver challenge. Next year, will send a letter to all families March 1 to ask them to decide by March 15 whether to switch from home-school services to EAP to avoid last-minute chaos. Parent should email for appeals.
  6. Support and training for new teachers – Amity will be meeting with EAP teachers 4 times per year. 9/30 is the first planned meeting, during the school day. 33 EAP teachers total. 7 new to EAP or new to district. Will put together slides from Austina’s presentation for EAP teachers to share with parents at curriculum night.
  7. Amity met and spoke with EAP teachers, especially how to teach 4/5 split, especially math and for students new to EAP. Going to accelerate and try to fill in the gaps for new kids if necessary, but figure they tested it and should be fine.
  8. i-Ready – New online assessment tool. K-5 students will all be tested at beginning of school year. Maybe middle school. Will take between 40-90 minutes depending on student. For reading and for math. Will be given 3 times per year. Will show teacher growth data on each child. Adaptable test, but unclear how far beyond grade level questions will go. Unclear if EAP kids are being tested at grade level or EAP level.
  9. EAP Class Sizes – Look “pretty good” and was considered with waivers. Waiver list that was denied “was huge”. Close to max capacity at every location.
  10. Shelton View concerns have been addressed. The 2 new EAP teachers will be going to training on Bainbridge Island. Retired EAP teacher as mentor can help. Can be difficult especially for 4/5 split: middle school registration, different middle schools, 5th grade camp. Ask parents to be patient and supportive. They need to hook up with other 5th grade teachers.
  11. Transportation – Have a proposed plan to streamline for next year. When newly qualified families get school assignment in March, they want transportation form to be ready. Do existing families need to fill out transportation form every year? Transportation needs to know about music. After-school transportation also an issue, but not EAP-specific. More communication department issue than transportation. Will look into letting communication department take over the forms.
  12. Busing can still be 90 minutes for some EAP kids. West Hills and Maywood Hills kids are getting bussed to Moorlands. No feeder pattern to middle schools. Will there be room to create an EAP site at Frank Love after the new Maltby elementary school and Canyon Creek expansion opens?

Bottom line – what is the plan for next year, including for Bear Creek? NorthShore Family Partnership may be taking over Bear Creek campus while both EAP and GenEd classrooms will be moving to other schools.

  1. We should survey parents to ask whether they prefer shorter bus rides, fewer transitions of moving kids to new schools, sibling waiver issues especially for transportation, etc. Part of the goal is to make the process less stressful for parents and make them feel like they are part of the process and their concerns are being heard. Maybe offer them transition assistance. The survey would preferably be done by the school district, but the parent council could help if necessary. It would be better coming from the school district though.
  2. Middle School Issues – There is an emergency meeting today about Challenge-for-all classes where AAP kids are not separated. They are looking at trying to separate the AAP kids into separate classes. Also concerns about mixing AAP kids from grade 6 with non-AAP kids from other grades instead of keeping 6th grade AAP kids together. Complaints about AAP kids being in GenEd classrooms but being required to get higher scores on tests to receive the same grade as a GenEd student. Music causes a scheduling problem too.
  3. Screening & Assessment – Proposal for this year is not much different than past year, except perhaps for timeline.

New online referral form is open to anyone for permission to test a child if they move beyond the screening process, regardless of grade. Two forms —one for a parent and another for parent/teacher/counselor/community member that does not have parental rights.

Universally screening K, 1 & 5 – not all grades. K is state requirement, 1 because EAP begins in 2nd, and 5th because it’s year before middle school. All will be screen with Naglieri between 9/25 and 10/13. Most worried about supporting kindergarten teachers since it’s a whole new process for students.

10/30 thru 11/8 – Naglieri test for new-to-district students and referred students if necessary. Can skip screening if have sufficient data. Other data will be considered since Naglieri was not a perfect indicator. It captured kids in kindergarten really well, but not older grades.

11/8 – 12/20 – Iowa for those who screened 85% on Naglieri or need more data. Also includes single-qualified students. Testing at 1 grade level up. Option for make-up testing for kids who are not at school that day. The goal is to identify most kids via universal screening of K & 1, and screening grades 2-4 will fill in gaps, but hopefully parents already know about the process.

i-Ready is a backup screener, not an assessment tool since no experience with it yet. Will stick with Iowa at 95% and exceptions for SES students.

If new to district after October 18, will due portfolio screening since they will have missed the testing windows. Could potentially do a 2nd round of testing at another time to catch these students.

Everything should be done by winter break.
Private school – They do not screen private school students, only students who are already enrolled. Portfolio assessment is used. Absence of data means the student should be tested, but not easy to test them. Is there any communication to students new to district about HiCap? Right now, no but there should be.
  1. Numbers from last year
    1. 2690 students were screened in across K-5, meaning they scored 85% on at least one test, e.g., IRR, SBA, etc. That qualified them for Iowa.
    2. Total number qualified after Iowa were 2,328
    3. 1,291 were dual qualifiers
    4. Math-only: 1478
    5. Reading-only: 709
    6. Numbers do NOT add up though
    7. Unclear if universal testing has successfully identified under-populated classes of kids, such as English-language learners and low-income students.
  2. In-class services for single qualifiers. Walk-to model for math, but not all schools do. Many schools do not cluster HiCap kids. Will add to agenda for next meeting.