Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Minutes from 3/15/2018 Meeting

3/15/2018 HiCap Meeting  

Assessment update
  • K and 1 are mostly done
  • 2nd done by mid next week Torrence, ITBS later
  • Middle school except Northshore done by end of next week Torrence, ITBS 6-7 a bit later
  • All other testing will have schedule one week from tomorrow, 23rd
  • Week of 26th: scheduling private school kids and makeups
  • Kim would like hicap council to let parents know we will notify before testing. We are calling parents who have not given permission.
  • 25 proctors out daily testing – small groups for younger kids
  • Been testing for a month (3600 kids to test)
  • Single content areas already been taking care of
  • Each school has difference of space and factors: principal office, cafeteria, library, 5th grade camp, ELL assessment, SBA
  • Algebra readiness (5th grade, all eap testing, all hicap in-school math or dual. No other 5th grader can opt in unless teacher reaches out to niki Arnold-smith – assistant director curriculum and instruction narnoldsmith@nsd.org) (math 7 will be tested and math 6 – 8th grade ITBS math and orleans Hannah. For timing, 6th grade may take 8th grade for algebra readiness then have to take 7th for HiCap testing if timing isn’t correct. )
  • Testing finishing in May, decisions in June
  • Scoring for Torrence will be sent in – 4-6 weeks to score then team will convene to make determinations
  • Everyone will get a letter and email with all scores and offer or not of placement
  • Will call if parent doesn’t respond to offer of placement
  • Did not communicate with the students who did not make score cut off for Naglieri
  Advisory team
  • K-12 HiCap advisory team makes recommendations
  • Adding Jonny Phu to Advisory team: MTSS coordinator and equity and diversity task force member
  • Holistic, AAP, EAP service models discussed tonight
  • Retaining students and meeting their needs is a focus
  • Need to support teachers new to teaching HiCap classes. PD will be offered – including principals to inform on the difference in HiCap teaching/students
  • PD should include message that hicap classes aren’t easier – have many more challenges than gen ed class
  • Maybe having a HiCap 101 for principals, teachers to get them up to speed. Everyone should have some of this
Middle schools:
  • All 6th grade AAP kids will be at their home middle school next year
  • 7th and 8th grade next year. No one will be asked to move to home schools if they don’t’ want to
  • Those going through the process now will stay at neighborhood middle school and AAP classes will be created.
  • Skyview has enough for 6-8th AAP and has decided to do so
  • Timbercrest and Kenmore will have 6th grade AAP but have not decided on 7th and 8th
  • What is the difference between Challenge and AAP in curriculum? Catalog says they are basically the same. Can we make a distinction?
  • Can teachers teach 6-8 aap classes rather than 6th grade gen ed, challenge and AAP? Fewer aap teachers but better trained in hicap
  • 4 sites are at capacity.
  • All newly eligible will have an EAP spot.
  • Each EAP schools are estimating EAP students coming in
  • Won’t have numbers for all school having EAP, but we may have more sites – Fernwood may have numbers – some key sites will open in some grades. Maybe 4-5 more sites could have one or more EAP classes. Possibly split grades.
  • Longer ride kids will look at going back to home school if possible - voluntary
  • Current eap at other schools wouldn’t be required to move back to home school but could.
  • Puyallup has gone to a neighborhood school hicap model and are now thinking of moving back to a centralized model. Why? Should look into this
  • 1000 inquiries for score reports, 200 more every week or so
  • With great amount of work – scheduling, email, voice mail, proctor communications,
  • Trish, Kim, Lauri all working with Jen now
  • Phone will always be answered by Lauri or a temp – be patient
  • Emails will be reviewed by Lauri with follow up by Kim
  • Kim will focus on scheduling and have all kids scheduled for testing by next Friday – will notify families
  • Jen will notify principals
  • Trish is working on score reports and sending them out.
  • Jen will handle high school emails, or emotional issues