Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Council Ammends Bylaws and Approves Non-Discrimination and Anti-Racism Policy

The HiCap Parents Council, at the board meeting on 7/2/2019, amended and approved the bylaws.

Additionally, a Non-Discrimination and Anti-Racism policy was adopted.

Please visit https://hcparents.blogspot.com/p/files.html to read these documents.

Minutes from 7/2/2019 Meeting - Council only

Hicap meeting 7/2/2019 – incoming and outgoing board members

  • All new and ongoing hicap board members need to sign the last page of the bylaws
  • Familiarize new council with Group Norms and Nonprofit Intro (from the files page on website)
  • Someone needed to finish paperwork for Amazon Smile. Anyone interested in that?
  • Board votes for how to spend money
  • Cannot get involved in political campaigns
  • Maintain confidential info and don’t leak it or we will lose our privilege of getting advanced info
  • Individual and group duties: Listed in bylaws
  • Karen has background in fundraising, willing to look into that
  • Look for hicap council history timeline on facebook and put it on website

Mailing lists

  •  Large mailchimp list with 3k people
  • Smaller lists for individual classes (EAP) or schools (AAP)
  • We don’t get any contact info from the district

Where is council going? What are we doing?
  • Up to council what we advocate for
  • PD for hicap teachers is on the list
  • Bring info from around the district to the admins
  • Disperse info from admin to the families
  • Get on the calendar of the principal from the school
  • Reps can ask to be on the interview committee for new eap hire
  • who wants to be admin?
    • Sreeni
    • Yongqian (John)
    • Carson
  • Accepting new members – determining if they are legit or trolls
  • Anyone can answer questions on the page. 
  • New members don’t have to answer questions if they aren’t comfortable doing so.
Elections for Exec board
·        President
o   Veronica nominates Austina
o   Unanimous yes
·        VP
o   Sylvia Nominated Jenifer Spanton
o   Unanimous yes
·        Secretary
o   Karen nominated Stephen
o   John nominated Bonnie
o   Unanimous yes for Co-secretaries Stephen and Bonnie
·        Treasurer
o   Jennifer nominated Lauren
o   Unanimous yes
  • ·        Carson makes motion to purchase new nametags, Jennifer seconds, Unanimous yes
Proposed amendments and policies to bylaws
  • ·        3 amendments – discussion and some edits
  •       Carson motions to accept new amendments with changes, Norma seconds, Unanimously passed
  •       Will put amendments on website integrated into bylaws
·        Anti-racism policy – Discussion
  • Veronica motions to ratify the anti-racism polity, jasmine seconds, 1 abstains, all others vote yes
  • Will put policy on website
New Hicap director
  • Amity Butler – new director of Advanced Programs – reports to Super
  • Worked with Dr. Reid in the past
  • Was principal at K-6 school previously
  • Working on getting post card out – will have EAP dates and our mailing list
Connect with your counterpart to exchange info