Friday, March 17, 2017

Minutes from 3/17/2017 Meeting

  • Will we have a meeting between now and May? Work on Schedule
    • April 20th 7pm Meeting
  • Diversity Committee report
    • Should we engage Natural Leaders program to get underrepresented groups in HiCap?
      • Angie Y to contact them and invite to meeting
    • Need Spanish and other language notices to invite kids to be in sweep
  • Need approval for meeting minutes from last 2 meetings
    • minutes approved unanimously
  • Discussion about Policy Governance proposed by School Board/Super
    • wary about model, will do more research
    • will have meeting with SB president and super to get questions answered
  • Hiring of HiCap Teachers: Need to get hicap trained teachers
    • should council offer services to principals to sit in on interviews for EAP/AAP teachers?
    • HiCap teachers are encouraged to get hicap training
    • offer training but don't have to. Opt in
    • most AAP/EAP teachers take whitworth training