Friday, June 29, 2018

Minutes from 6/5/2018 Meeting

6/5/2018 – Jen & Steve, Lisa, Kavi, Helen, Laurie, Austina, Bonnie, Brenae, Kristi, Angie H

MST -confidential
  • met Friday and set some qualifications
  • See qualification pathway handout
  • All qualification has an academic achievement requirement
    • ITBS is always a requirement for qualification
    • Naglieri (95th%) and Torrence (90th%) is the other qualifier
    • Torrence is the top 7% of NSD students that took torrence
  • Looked at borderline case to get ahead of appeals and consider those kids as well
  • Pathway 4 and 5 in grades 1,2,3 we only have reading data on them so they can only qualify in Reading at this time.
  • For private schools, they don’t give students the IRR, SBA and STAR usually so Jen can’t compare other tests and weigh scores.
  • Top half of level 4 SBA is different for every grade. Jen had to determine top 50% for each grade/subject
  • MST decided 95% for elem and MS, which was what the Middle School always had for a cutoff. Adding consistency by making cutoff same in elem and ms.
Eligibility Letter
  • 98% of ITBS, 2/3 of torrence are in
  • IF student qualifies in a pathway with data available that student will be qualified
  • Rolling notification for qualification, placement will come later
  • Webpage hopefully live tomorrow (Wednesday)
  • Acceptance dates will roll as well. Different date for each group/kid
  • Qualification information chart will be at bottom of the webpage
  • Appeals info will be on the letters and there is an appeals section on the website.
  • First batch of eligibility letters will go out in next 3 days
  • Starting with students who currently have single designation in grades 1-4
  • Then 1-4 new with no current designation
  • Middle schoolers aren’t moving. All MS will have 6th AAP, if enough in other grades MS will have 7 and 8 as well
Letter categories – school year, child’s name on each letter, scores don’t determine success, patience appreciated
  • No letter: appeals info, scores, qualification chart, ITBS info being sent to buildings, can test again next year,
  • Single qualification reading: mention ITBS math, appeals, next year, score, qualification chart, services in home school, acceptance date
  • Single qualification math: appeals, next year, score, qualification chart, services in home school, acceptance date
  • Dual letter EAP: score, qualification chart, service options, when will they get site info?, no acceptance date until site info is available, you will get another letter with site info and we will require your acceptance on a date, no acceptance or email required now.
  • Dual letter AAP: score, qualification chart, service options. Site info
Other info
  • Even if kids don’t qualify for dual or single qualification, principals and teachers will have the list of students who scored high in ITBS so they can serve those students appropriately.
  • May have walk to math in many buildings to accommodate the high Math ITBS
  • Open houses:
    • likely happen in august.
    • Austina: not sure it’s necessary after decisions and acceptance
    • Can principals refer new families to a council person – ELL families have point person to talk to
    • Jen will point parents to our website. Need to put new events on there for our open houses at coffee houses, etc.
  • 4 high school, 4+ elementary, 6 Middle School, Regional non-EAP Elementary rep (4) – feeder to High school elementary (cover unidentified, kindergarten, single subject and dual in neighborhood)
  • Timing: wait till later for elections
Change to bylaws to add in the regional representatives listed above and remove unidentified and in-school reps
  • Laurie motioned, Brenae Seconded change to the bylaws. Unanimous vote accepted.
  • New language added to bylaws (and all other locations where this change is mentioned):
Directors of the HiCap Council shall consist of 12 - 24 individuals from the following representative slots:
  1. one parent representative from each EAP school;
  2. one parent representative from each AAP school;
  3. one parent representative from each High School;
  4. one Regional parent representative for each Elementary in the Woodinville High School Feeder pattern
  5. one Regional parent representative for each Elementary in the Bothell High School Feeder pattern
  6. one Regional parent representative for each Elementary in the Inglemoor High School Feeder pattern
  7. one Regional parent representative for each Elementary in the North Creek High School Feeder pattern
Regional Parent representatives will cover unidentified students (nsd, homeschool, private school), kindergarten qualified, single subject qualified and dual qualified being served in the school or program not served by EAP rep.