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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Minutes from 5/16/2017 Meeting

  • Discussed HiCap issues with Jen, Jack and Becky
  • As just HiCap Council we continued meeting:
    • Should we get nametags?
    • Discussion and approval of new bylaws
      • Change number on council to "At least 12"
      • In-school representatives will try to gather a committee comprised of members from each school in their group
      • Under TERM - take out second sentence about even/odd years
      • Add note about confirming ongoing reps are eligible and interested in continuing each year or put office up for election
    • Stacy moved, Angie Y seconded, Unanimous vote to enact the new bylaws.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Minutes from 5/11/2017 Meeting

Discussion of Structure of the HiCap Parent Council
  • Maybe a Council -> Board-> Exec Board?
    • Not all school reps go to district meeting
    • not all reps are exec board
    • not all reps report to their PTA?
  • Could we have committees at each school?
    • not all committee members are elected
    • committee members help elected reps fulfill duties of board memeber
    • Maybe anyone interested at a school is on the committee
    • Could have committees for
      • Each EAP School
      • Each AAP School
      • Each High school
      • In-School
      • Unidentified
    • Maybe all in this model meet together occasionally or each committee meets separately and board member reports back
    • Committee meets to designate duties
  • Discussion of duties of elected representatives.
    • Duties will be
    • Job requirements (To be performed by elected rep or designated committee member)
      • Be a PTA member of the school you represent and go to PTA meetings to deliver HiCap info to PTA
      • Gather feedback from your constituents and PTA to report back to Council
      • Manage class mailing lists for schools you represent
      • Keep your constituents informed of HiCap related info
      • Attend back-to-school events, registration nights, parent nights for the school you represent
      • Have name, picture and email on website
      • Attend monthly hicap council meetings - alternating daytime/evening
      HiCap Council Extra Opportunities
      • Help District at HiCap Info night
      • Help with HiCap testing days
      • Help coordinate at least one event per year for the HiCap Council
        • Parent panel events
        • Schedule and organize summer park days
        • Coordinate special talks for the community
        • Organize board game days
      • Attend School Board meetings and speak on behalf of the Council as needed
      • Become an Executive board member
      • Help maintain the website
      • Send out mailings as needed to our mailing list
      • Post relevant info and answer questions on NSD HiCap Discuss or other FB pages
  • Discussion of re-write of Vision and mission statement
    • New Vision will be
      • The vision of HiCap Council is that all Northshore School District (NSD) Highly Capable students reach their full potential through programs that distinguish NSD as an exemplary district for highly capable education.
    • New Mission will be
      • The mission of the HiCap Council is:To advocate for the needs and unique challenges of both identified and non-identified highly capable studentsTo educate families, educators, and community members about highly capable students, their needs, and the programs available to them, To build a strong community of families that represent the diverse population of our district, To collaborate effectively with families, educators, and community members, partnering closely together to enhance quality of education in the Northshore School District, and To provide resources that support highly capable student learning.
  • Discussion of structure
    • new Structure will be
      • one parent representative from each EAP school;
      • one parent representative from each AAP school;
      • one parent representative from each High School;
      • one parent representative from HiCap in a neighborhood elementary school;
      • one parent representative from HiCap in a neighborhood middle school;
      • one parent representative from not-yet-identified students.
  • Angie Y moved, Bonnie seconded, All present Voted unanimously to approve new minutes
  • Angie H will rewrite bylaws with this new Vision, Mission, and structure to bring to tuesday's meeting for approval