Thursday, February 29, 2024

Minutes from 2/6/24 Meeting

February 6, 2024

Discussion Topic-Polyvagal Theory

  • The theory of Dr. Stephen Porges; role of the vagus nerve in emotion regulation, social connection and fear response
  • Human brain constantly scanning environment for safety
  • feeling unsafe-fight or flight
  • continuous unsafe environment, move down the ladder, 
  • autistic meltdown would be a good example of a shutdown response; or some sort of major kid tantrum; you can tell they are no longer processing the world around them
  • teachers working with 1 or more students with sensory issues, CPI training
  • neurodiversity affirming environment

Amity Updates-

  • Glitches with testing companies; looking at new options
  • Getting close to finishing with testing; should be done by the end of the week
  • If students missed 2x, they might need to come to us, reach out to us
  • Unenrolled students testing 1/25, 1/30
  • EAP “shopping”, applying/transferring to a different site. You can apply, however it might not be approved
  • Accept designation/location by 2/28
  • Can’t give schools more staffing if they get extra kids
  • Q-How do parents know if student was tested or need to do makeup? – Schools should be telling parents when testing will be happening.
  • Office manager, secretary, Principal, and Assistant Principal all get notified of testing dates/times
  • Regional mtgs- taking place in the NSD boardroom, new to Elem. HiCap families
    • 2/6 East
    • 2/7 South
    • 2/13 North
    • 2/15 West
  • Emily Kircher-Morris: Amity reached out to her last week; have her come via Zoom; advertise to parents; occur this spring
  • NAGC Conf. in Seattle next year, Nov 21-24 ‘24 

Council Questions/Updates-

  • “10 Reasons to Choose EAP” document:we should revise now
  • Make a Google doc so we are able to edit and contribute 
  • Updates to reading/writing in integrated classrooms?- some classrooms are fabulous, others are working through it; there is a training on 2/27
  • Grading for elementary integrated ELA: grading at grade level
  • Sharing math choices document: shared on website; January email; give to 5th grade teachers; Amity to give to (5th grade) teachers