Saturday, October 15, 2016

EAP AAP Feeder Patterns

The District recently released information on EAP and AAP feeder patterns. District info page can be found here. In order to make this information easier to understand, we have created a graphic, which can be found below. Scroll to the bottom to see the colorful easy-to-read graphic. EAP feeder pattern
  • Bear Creek will service EAP students from Bear Creek, Canyon Creek**, Fernwood and Kokanee
  • Shelton View will service EAP students from Shelton View, Arrowhead, Canyon Creek**, Crystal Springs, Frank Love, Kenmore, Lockwood, Maywood Hills and Westhill
  • Sunrise will service EAP students from Sunrise, Cottage Lake, East Ridge, Hollywood Hill, Moorlands, Wellington, Woodin and Woodmoor
Canyon Creek** is a “swing school” with EAP placement based on capacity, siblings potentially in attendance, student address and parent choice. AAP feeder pattern
As of now, Canyon Park, Leota and Northshore feeder patterns are based on geographic location. Students are placed at the closest junior high (soon to be middle school) to their home address. Following the consideration of geographic location, capacity is also considered.
In order to make this easier to see, the HiCap Parent Council has created a graphic feeder pattern for EAP and AAP Schools.