Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Minutes for the 10/18/2016 Meeting

Meeting of the HiCap Parent Advisory Council  - Minutes taken by Angie H-P

  • Financial update - we have money in the district's account and need to fill out the district's reimbursement form, get the expense approved by the board then submit to district for reimbursement.
  • After money in district's account is used, forms will be submitted to our treasurer to reimburse from our own account
  • Account was set up yesterday with President, Treasurer and Secretary as signers.
  • All expenses must be approved by majority vote of the board before reimbursement
  • I move to add an Amendment to the Bylaws as follows: "Email voting will be allowed. Vote will pass if more than 50% of council vote by email in favor." (at this time 50% of the board is 8 or more members)
  • Jakub seconded motion. Motion passed Unanimously.
Discussion ensued about Quorum and in person voting. Board agreed that: "A Quorum will be 8 or more members of the Board of Directors. For in-person voting, a majority vote of those present constitutes a passing vote."

Austina:  Will we approve each expenditure or will we vote on a budget for some items like copies that we will use without getting individual approval?

Angie H:
  • I move that a $200 budget be approved for copies. After the $200 is reached, the board must vote on new copy expenditures.
  • Angie Y seconded the motion. Motion passed Unanimously.
  • I move to approve all pending expenses.
  • Laurie seconded the motion. Motion passed Unanimously.
  • Those with pending expenses should email the description and amount to Jakub.
  • I move to Amend the Bylaws as follows: All financial expenditures require a vote of the Board for approval.
  • Helen seconded. Motion passed Unanimously.
Austina: Please attend the October 24th HiCap info night. The more board members who attend the better. Adjourned