Thursday, October 1, 2020

Minutes from 09/30/20 Meeting

 HiCap Parents Council Meeting

via Zoom
September 30, 2020

10:00 am – 12:00 pm

  1. Austina introduction

16 people attended today.

  1. Amity updates on assessment & screening plan for this year

    1. Universal screening possibilities(K, 1, and 5)

    2. Grade levels to refer: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

    3. October 16 is the referral deadline

    4. Amity: started assessment screening plan. Difficulty is from dominant vendors. Based on age levels. Grade 5 is universal online assessment. Tech challenge is from remote online assessment. Kiosk app take over your chrome book. This make one not be able to use your chrome book. This is good for in school assessment. But it is horrible to do test at home remotely. Since we cannot monitor settings at home remotely. We cannot watch students. We cannot upload or download. Tech team is working on this. Network or switching gear to zoom is pretty complicated. We are brainstorming on how to do this remotely. Options later in different stages. 

    5. Amity: younger students are not comfortable to come to the site. Move as far forward as possible. We do have plans to fix this, but no solutions so far.

    6. Amity: for grade 2 ~ 4, I need to know the number who wants to be referrals.

    7. Austina: what kind of ad to send emails to community for this referral?

    8. Amity: robo call is very similar to last year, Oct. 16 is the deadline. Older kids do not get robot calls.

    9. Lisa B.: what if parents don’t know if they should or should not refer?

    10. Amity: they can always refer.

    11. Lisa B.: send to emails to parents, interested or not.

    12. Amity: encourage them to refer.

    13. Hillarie: how they qualifying students through screening for IOWA assessment (what achievement level on i-Ready or other screening tools)?

    14. Amity: NNAT3, i-Ready. NNAT 95% percentile or i-Ready 85% for math and reading. I-ready only for 85%. When parents refer, if kids auto get screening. if being referred, parents will be asked permission to get the second test area.

    15. Hillarie: what if failed in Allowed to take Iowa.

    16. Amity: 1st graders, two screeners: i-Ready, 85% percentile. 95%NNAT, enrolls, remains this year.

    17. Austina: Either NNAT3 score is high or i-ready score is high for 1st grader, then quality. 

    18. Amity: what they need is to get to qualify.

    19. Tessa: previous score, grade 1, 85%, take test again?

    20. Amity: yes.

    21. Lisa B: Was this the question about out of district kids? 

    22. Amity: smallest number of students on auto mailing students. Don’t have dates, check website…

    23. 10/26 deadline?

    24. Amity: yes.

    25. Austina: same referral form this year?

    26. Angie: squash together, it does not matter which one to take, NNAT or non-NNAT forms.

    27. Austina: Parents send referrals to, deadline 10/16. Any more question on assessment screening.

    28. Angie: it does not matter to fill in wrong forms.

    29. Austina: Can we have only one form?

    30. Angie: next year.

    31. Amity: after referral, parents have to get permission for kids to get test. it takes long. Some illegal guardian had such referral, this is why we have two forms.

    32. Carson: two forms make me nervous. Need to be clear which one is correct.

  2. Amity Updates on Middle school AAP & Challenge

    1. Terri: grade 7 has assessment 8? 

    2. Austina: not all schools handle assessment differently.

    3. Cooper Brix: 2 schools did.

    4. AUstina: not all schools. Real question is how to do universal screening for grade 8?

    5. Terri: my daughter qualified math last year. Qualified English this year. Need science, since she did not pass, she cannot take high cap class.

    6. Cooper: science depends on math class.

    7. Austina: Ingmoor takes English and History. North creek has 1 high cap class, English 9.

    8. Lauren: Ap Capstone, higher level English. North creek has hard time to take AP Capstone. So they take 2 English programs this year.

    9. Lauren: Experimental year, two pre ap English section for high cap students. goal is to fix ap capstone problem. new and continue changing.

    10. Myriam Juritz: it depends on where you are living. More general comments: should it be clear direction for schools to follow certain rules? Each build is doing different thing.

    11. Cooper: concern on high school year, across the board. not participate, not every student has the same path. lots of path for them to take. their options are limited for where they live.

    12. Angie Hancock: high schools are never the same.

    13. Angie: different in law

    14. Myriam Juritz: lot of facilities for program, not always the same. Core or basic, chemistry, biology, English. opportunity for students to enroll are still different.

    15. Liz Smith: separate again, I don't like this idea. They are in their own class, not in the community anymore.

    16. Austina: whole lots of kids mix for kids, legitimately. different groups, different requirements.

    17. Stephanie Corrigan: English is not my son's favorite. Feel math is so easy. ...Email to teacher...

    18. Myriam Juritz: No consistency, lucky or unlucky to get the classroom. get to know what you are into. Need consistency and clear understanding on what you get into.

    19. Stephanie: social, talk to kids, free period. quite a few kids don’t like English, pre AP.

    20. Ausina: contact to Principal, flexibility to drop.

    21. Stephanie: don’t know if my son will change, he focuses on math and science.

    22. Cooper: English has the variation when stuck. AP, agenda. great conversation to ask for more transparency.

    23. Lisa: gone to the AP English, easy for him. big jump from ap English to agenda

    24. Cooper: addressing progression in high school.

    25. Austina: Amity, can we ask high school Principal to be aware of this?

    26. Amity: Yes, we can always ask.

  3. Amity Updates on Single Qualifier plan

    1. Amity: most families have been contacted, offering async model to Sunrise. Class size, limited, 4th grade single qualifier for math. Async plan for curriculum, hiring teachers. Oct. 6 show parent, given 5th … 180 students. opportunity to be served … using async model. accelerate 4th...

    2. Austina: this is huge news, consistent plan for 4th students to get what they usually do not get. Amazing recap the plan, students happen to be in can join. For others in other school group into small...

    3. Tessa: continue this program once kids come back to school?

    4. Amity: yes, next year, not this hybrid mode. at least two years commitment.

    5. Tessa: when to start another?

    6. Amity: asking principal, Oct 2nd. collecting this week, contact list, invite parents to the session.

    7. Austina: availability for parent, move neighborhood to school. Use this as decision make.

    8. Stephanie: plan for 2,3 grade?

    9. Amity: for 2,3rd grade, I am stretched. Kokanee follow up next year. Other buildings do not necessarily happen this year. Not sure the async model for younger students in school.

    10. Staks: happens in … school.

    11. Austina: Not trouble for everybody.

    12. Austina: test plan for online assessment easier and feasible.

    13. Amity: challenge, looking into situation, canyon park, not perfect. a few students are… new principals are struggling. North shore school...

    14. Austina: Unfortunately every year we have such discussion. Some schools do not follow the guidance

  1. Amity Updates on How is online learning going? Schoology?

    1. Amity: online learning. I need to learn perspective from different levels. Since I am more exposure to elementary teachers. How are your kids going in these school? I’d get better perspective for elementary kids.

    2. Stephanie: 1grader, 8zooms a day. e lock, go to schoology, get him to each zoom, pretty draining. tasks. overall, it's going on well. 9am ~ 3 pm a day.

    3. Tessa: 1grader as well, his schedule has a lot async learning happening. challenge to schoology back and forth. 5 grader in EAP. he can manage zoom by himself. he has whole long tracking list. A biggest challenge for him.

    4. Carson: Kindergarten parents, teacher give assignment, the log out. kids was not dealing this well. some parent may want more zoom time to talk to teachers. balance. third grade works better. break after 45 minutes class. 5th grade works pretty well. Virtual learning is harder.

    5. Liz: 4th grader. timer. what time to come back. having flexibility to have break. break would be very helpful. middle schooler, 6 grader, put it on the board.

    6. Anja: struggle to keep tracking the assignment. no colored code. 4th grader, zoom long, async meeting, very hard to track her async learning, agree with Carson, students do auto managing,

    7. Lisa B: 2 6 graders. the so star is very slow. one is very strong in math, not in English. both agree they are not challenged.

    8. Austina: Confirm, AAP in middle school? Right.

    9. Lisa B: Yes, she find it incredibly easy. concern, social aspect. boy always get into any class room. how to connect with other kids? how to socialize and get to know each other? I agree teachers to emphaszie. good practice for them to learn. They do have some work.

    10. Lisa B: Leota.

    11. Carson: 1 year in middle school, age for kids, different schedules for different building. This fall, cannot advisory any more. I cannot understand kids not important any more what they is supposed to be before. frustrated.

    12. Terri Kashi: My son feel ignoring him, teacher told him to calm down, getting to you. He got so frustrated. Really frustrating. 6 grader.

    13. Liz Smith: Teachers told to download from the website. They don’t take the question on class, just ask to back to video.

    14. Cooper Brix: we cannot see assignments.

    15. Austina: who is seeing schoology is so long coming with assignment? exactly, all assignment. no easy way to see they are done or not. Schoology is supposed to be the way to manage clearly.

    16. Cooper Brix: Schoology concern should be the top priority.

    17. Myriam Juritz: Teachers should, they said not submit, they change setting, now everything cleared and showing submitted. is this schoology issue?

    18. Austina: Reordered for submission of all assignments in schoology.

    19. Austina: Yes, it is way too long to manage

    20. Myriam: Session is recorded, recording helps us. High schooler, need planner. Middle  schooler, waiting for planner.

    21. Stephanie: Wednesday, save me my mental health. Have break.

    22. Carson: AAP summer homework bumped me.

    23. Steven: 4th grader, teacher is really great. 8 grader, he just watching any way.

  2. Council questions / updates:

    1. Cooper Brix: AP take science.

    2. Lauren: It doesn’t have to be full chemistry.

    3. Cooper Brix: Skip biology and take AP.

    4. Carson Sanderson: Principal, not offered to everybody. PST.

    5. Lauren: PSAT works for this winter.

    6. Austina: Teacher organization running for teachers. pay... national conference. send emails to our committy, we should contain these links.

    7. Staks is volunteer to work on pictures.

    8. Carson: How to contact them? separate 3rd math from 2nd math.

    9. Liz: Could you ask principal to put this on the newsletters?

    10. Austina: How we send emails to EAP parents, what is the plan?

    11. Carson: If people have single subject qualifier group, learn more about next steps.

    12. Amity: At least one families, I responded, single qualifier. asking question, if there is way to build community to talk together. Another social setting.  Good one to be considered.

    13. Austina: How to do it? A giant email list probably. a lot of different way. somebody need to be there to push this forward.

    14. Amity: This is reason I broke math to regions.

    15. Carson: Who represents single subject.

    16. Austina: Audrey Kozel is Working on this, did not define the job being asking. connection to reach out, working on Carson she is willing.

    17. Hillarie Windish: I am willing to do this, happy to support all students.

    18. Austina: Four of you, + Carson come up a plan and talk next meeting.

    19. John: One of my single qualifier families complain the math assignment to their kid is so easy compared to other schools. I am so glad to see we are working on tackle this problem. Single qualifier families will be happy to see this progress.

    20. Amity: John, thank you.