Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Minutes from 08/26/20 Meeting


HiCap Parents Council Meeting
via Zoom
August 26, 2020

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


1.       Austina intro two new reps

Steven from Canyon park and Lisa from Leota

2.       Amity updates on EAP classroom and Sites

a.       5 new EAP sites

b.       EAP classrooms in each site:
continuing sites:

Lockwood: 4

Moorlands: 7
Sunrise: 5

Fernwood: 5

New sites:

Kokanee: 8

Canyon Creek: 10

Hollywood Hill: 3

Ruby Bridges: 4

c.       New hires in Moorlands.

d.       Meeting EAP teachers (once a month). Discussing EAP specific tools for teachers to share and do the learnings on virtual classroom.

e.       Austina asked if these new EAP sites are permanent. Amity: no plan different.

f.        West region (bothell canyon park) has no sites. Plan to expand to the west someday.

3.       Amity updates on Soft Start

a.       Amity: thanks to Audrey & Gavin for the charts.

b.       Amity: The goal is to build community the first 3 weeks of school.

c.       Amity: how to build classroom each other make sure kids are important.

d.       Nancy: no academic strain at this time.

e.       Austina: no academic in three weeks, parents might panic.

f.        Amity: want to hear from parents for 2nd graders, keep families engaged this time, meet needs for parents. Figuring out how to engage students in the first two weeks.

g.       Lauren: Concerns on this, high school in general, 10 bullets about community building. North Creek says by Sept. 10 they will focus more on content.

h.       Austina: concern of scheduling issue, logistic issues of elementary parent meetings

i.         Nancy: contact parents (sea saw? etc), email principals for these concerns.

j.         Liz: Elementary parent meetings are kind of like WAKids

k.       Austina: parents only worried about scheduling, no concerns about this meeting (with EAP teachers)

l.         Amity: new EAP students, diagnostic writing (talk about little), community building

m.     Angie: Sharing survey info: 1000 participants

n.       Hillarie: EAP schools only? Angie: Survey for all hi-cap schools.

o.       Jasmine: High school AAP info in this survey? Angie: Only elementary school and middle school students in the charts, but there were high school respondents.

p.       Austina: suggestion on reporting high school data per school individually.

q.       Amity: Will do another survey this year.

4.       Council Updates Questions – Summer Events Updates to Amity:

a.       Anja: Northshore Middle School, many students come, asking questions.

b.       Carson: Canyon Creek. 30 or 40 kids for grade 2 or 3. Over 100 parents joined. couple of EAP teachers come. Bonnie helped answering questions.

c.       Gavin: Lockwood. Events are going on this week. Many students showed up. EAP teachers showed up as well. Meeting for 1 hour and half for parents meeting.

d.       Veronca Webb: Moorlands. More students come from 2nd grade. Second parents meeting was planned.

e.       Sean: Ruby Bridges. Principal supported very well. Planning another meeting with EAP teachers.

f.        Qing Starks: Kokanee. Principal supported very well. Answered parents questions. Principal hosted all meetings. Kids played games, i.e. animal games.

g.       Steven: Canyon Park. Worked with Jennifer. 20 parents 21 kdis. Answer them questions, no principal. Kids talked to each other very excitedly.

h.       Orna: Sunrise. 20 kids, 40 parents, principal supported. Teachers joined as well. They were so happy to talk to each other. Very impressive in 1st grade and 5th grade.

i.         John: Fernwood. 5 meetings within 6 days. Overall there were about 50 parents and 80 kids joined. 4 volunteers with quite a few planning meetings. One host and two co-hosts for each kids meeting. Co-host for introducing each other. Another co-host for jumping ropes fun part. Even some parents played ropes with kids together. Quite a few kids and parents demo jump ropes in meetings. EAP families whatsapp chat group has about 80 parents over there. Afterwards, they created grade level EAP families chat group and talked to each other very excitedly for the coming new school year. Kids are excited in these meetings. Parents feedback their kids have fun and asked if there any more such meetings.

5.       Questions for Amity

a.       Middle school AAP classes combined with challenge classes related.
Amity: it is especially prevalent at Northshore Middle and Canyon Park. Setup data and figure out how big the issue is. Some schools do not follow the rules well.
Austina: it’s been a pattern for several years now

b.       How are we going to handle testing this year?
Amity: Please do signup online by October to participate in testing. Grades 5 can do online testing. Below grade 5, I am not convinced that online testing can work. Stay tuned. Younger students will take universal screening for grade 1, possibly not for kindergarten students this time.

Austina: Wakids? Amity: Yes. Academic testing from screen for 1st grade kids. From 2 to 4: referral to test your kids.

c.       How are we going to make accommondations for the single qualified students to offer them a challenge in their online classroom?
Amity: a few schools have a plan on the way. 8 EAP schools in district. they run out of classroom limits, unfortunately. Working very hard to come up secondary plan especially for 4th grade, working on it now. In Moorlands, Nancy is working very hard. In progress. Math is very particular, after 10 years' principal. it is very hard to ask a teach to do in classroom. not all teachers articulate very well. Most schools have not enough rooms to fit them in.

d.       What is hiCap meaning for writing?
Amity: Talk a little bit with EAP teacher this summer. I don't see any expectation in the middle level. Teachers created their own in English class. They have no guidance. They may not come up an answer. I need to figure it out this year. Where do we accelerate this writing? Someone are gifted in writing. Benchmark curriculum. I'd like to accelerate for grade 4 to 5.

e.       How to make sure HiCap teachers are given the tools they need to teach virtually?

Terri Kashi asked and clarified this question.
Amity: Slide projector story. No slides at that time. low tech experience. how projects would be done being talked this summer with EAP teachers? Class based conversation and school based conversation. Can we do projects at home? Since parents will go to store. We need to watch out this. We need to engage students to use online platform. How to do book club? different books in each time. Might be creative.
Austina: Might parent volunteers be helpful to teachers.

f.        How many hiCap (dual and single) qualified students have chosen to depart from their assigned schools and either enroll in NFP or completely leave the district?
Austina: Leota numbers overall decreasing from last year, because district is re arranged (some kids moved to skyview), but counts are stabe.

Amity: don't want to over hire for concern of kids leaving. Northshore district 3.0. We will be very cautious.

g.       How will it be handled when these families choose to come back to the district?

Amity: if they do not leave multiple years. Concern for kids they might struggle since they lost their path. 1 year is fine, hopefully. It is hard to keep track.

It's hard to find old paper from the old building.

6.       Ongoing questions/Concerns:

a.       Brain storming on how to track students’ progress learning in online classroom.

Amity: …high school, some time book.. whether to give it out one or two or four book every time? Send physical books to all kids' home at once? or send 2 or 3 to some students each time?

Group: send one book home at a time when it’s a series (math books in core focus)

Austina: For middle schools, no guarantee enough books for every student. Not all kids get printed copies.

b.       Qing: EAP split class in Fernwood & Kokanee, how will it work?