Monday, January 15, 2024

Minutes from 1/9/24 Meeting

HiCap Parents Council Meeting

January 9, 2024


  • Info nights for incoming families

    • Four dates are set for info nights, one for each region. In person, 6-7. 

    • Feb 6th: East, Feb 7th: South, Feb 13th: North, Feb 15th: West

    • Meetings will not be publicized generally but will be sent to families of newly qualified. If publicized generally the seats may fill up. There will be an additional meeting on the 27th from 6:30 to 7:30 for people who may have missed in person sessions. Trying to schedule a night for a Spanish session as well. Hicap office could use 2 microphone runners per session. 

    • Parents Council will try to fill those spots for microphone runners. Would also be a good opportunity to let new parents know about us, our newsletter, and our FB group. 

    • Families won’t get scores by this time but they will be informed if they qualify. 

    • We should create a signup for each night and get names to Amity

  • HiCap info video

    • Amity is going to release a voiceover and slides explaining the integrated model. Will be shared on the main hicap page to help answer questions about changes to the program. Should be shared later this week.

    • Amity is also doing visits to PTAs by request to answer questions about either newly qualified or the changes to the program. 

  • Time for an email to our mailing list?

    • Should we send an email after these meetings or before? We’ll have new subscribers after. 

    • We could send an email before explaining when families can expect an email with a placement notification. Could explain that it will come through email not mail, and it will include placement not scores. Families will start being notified on 1/29. Kids who did makeups may hear a little later. ALL families will be notified by 2/6. Decisions need to be made by 2/28. 

    • We could also publicize Austina’s talk at Bear Creek for reluctant writers. 

    • Ekta and Ashley can help with writing newsletter. 

  • Question about movement to middle school.

    • AAP is middle school hicap program. EAP kids automatically move into AAP and alg 1 (unless families opt out of al 1). Also kids can qualify in 5th grade. Many qualify in 5th and begin hicap services in 6th. 

    • We need to share info for 5th grade families choosing a math path. Do we share that info in Jan or Feb? Families will need to make this decision in Feb so some info should come in Jan. Also those that are having a conference in early Feb may want to be prepared to ask this question at their conference. 

    • We have written info from Austina that we shared on our FB page last year. Should make necessary edits and share that on our website. Mention in Jan newsletter that the decision is coming up, and link to that info. 

  • Additional newsletter notes

    • Share Amity’s voiceover in Jan newsletter. 

    • Maybe post in broader NSD FB discussion group inviting people to join our mailing list before we send out Jan newsletter.