Sunday, January 22, 2023

Minutes from 1/10/23 Meeting


HiCap Parent Council Meeting
January 10, 2023

10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Hybrid: In-person & Zoom

Amity Updates

1.      Zoom meetings for new dual qualifiers set

·         January 24 @ 5 pm for 1st grade students

·         January 31 @ 5 pm for 2nd-5th grade qualifiers

·         Separate because often different sets of questions based on age

·         Max 300 attendees, but usually not a problem

·         Will be recorded so people can watch later

·         Discussion about Council providing a slide with website and rep contact information

·         Do not notify parents at schools about the meetings to avoid people from joining a meeting they were not supposed to -- not dual qualified, especially 1st grade session only.

2.      Family notification week of January 16 by email only

3.      February 18 is date we are asking for highly capable decisions

4.      Makeup Testing

·         Already been rolling out. About half way thru.

·         Not advertising makeup dates or listing them online.

·         Goal is all make-ups by end of January


Council Questions / Updates

5.      EAP Open Houses

·         It has been several years since schools had open houses, but was appreciated by students, especially for more anxious students

·         High value

·         Goals are meeting peers, teachers, seeing school/classroom, learning about clubs and other after-school options, seeing playground

·         Too late for it to be part of decision, but could be part of transition. And can always opt out if not happy after the open house.

·         Would be nice if could be done prior to decision.

·         How to handle if some teachers choose not to participate. Plus concerns about parents coming to foreign classrooms given security and covid concerns.

·         Amity – During the day would be almost impossible just based on transportation requirements. Becomes an equity issue. Plus the idea of providing EAP tours but not for other programs will create tension, including among non-EAP parents at EAP schools. Principals would likely say no to the disruption. Would support having conversation about having open houses in spring, after hours. Don’t want teachers to feel like they have to answer oodles of questions from EAP parents.

·         Many more schools host EAP so far fewer kids have to switch schools unlike the old days, where most kids had to switch schools because there were only 2-3 EAP schools.

·         After school hours: invite teachers to stay, ask older kids to volunteer, invite PTA.

6.      High School Math

·         No plans at Bothell for triple-jump math kids.

·         Multi-variable calculus at North Creek this year because there are enough students, but other high schools will start next fall.

·         Course catalogs for all high schools are not online yet, so unknown whether other schools are offering advanced math options.

·         There is a Calculus IV course, which is different than Differential Equations.

·         Inconsistency among high schools about description, pre-requisites of Calc III, including titling III vs 3.

7.      Algebra

·         Council should provide guidance/feedback to families about Algebra registration for EAP kids transitioning to middle school.

·   Amity would like to see the draft and then consider how it could be delivered logistically.

·         College requires 4 years of math

·         District knows that 8th graders in algebra are more likely to struggle than 6th graders

·         If a student does not love math, taking algebra in 6th grade puts them on trajectory to advanced math classes in high school, which may be something they want. Hard to leave that track without repeating a math class.

·         Amity suggests EAP teachers explain to parents why they recommend for/against Algebra for a particular student.

·         Kenmore and Timbercrest are piloting a model of targeting all 8th graders for Algebra, which may require re-adjusting for EAP. Would be a systemic change that begins in elementary. Pre-algebra I and II in 6th and 7th.

·         We should make middle school counselors aware of paths thru high schools.

8.      Schedule for February meeting

·         Consider inviting curriculum and racial equity departments from District

·         Who at district should we talk to that can actually implement changes? We have met with principals, regional superintendents, etc. to no avail.

·         Wednesday, February 8th from 5-7 pm.

·         Ruby Bridges principal will be invited, but would probably prefer daytime meeting.

·         Suggestion of a separate meeting with high school reps and district about course catalog about high school math options.

·   Meeting or just find out the status of the math options?


Discussion Topic – Austina De Bonte’s EAP Transition Survey Research

9.       Parent anticipatory worries were fairly low. Had some concerns about transitioning schools and socially, but not academically.

10.   No statistical difference in parents who are satisfied initially vs later among elementary grade, but there was some difference among middle school students

11.   For most kids, by the first 2 weeks, they have transitioned well.

12.   Slightly more than half of kids had to change schools

13.   Similar results to previous HiCap surveys

14.   70% did no test preparation

15.   20% of kids moving into district moved in with the intent to do HiCap


Council Questions / Updates II

16.  Casual meetup for Neurodiverse and 2E Families at The Hangar in Kenmore. New NSD Facebook group.

17.  WA State Hi-Cap Parent Group Leader Meeting

·         5:30 pm on 1/10

·          Carson, Austina and Lynn plan to attend meeting tonight. Myriam will attend unless someone else wants to. Limited to 4 per district.


Ongoing Questions / Concerns

18.  Insurance for events – via email from Kung-Pern Wang

·         Has several parents willing to donate money

·         Some parents want to be sure 100% of money is used for the insurance, not just general donations.

·         Some have concerns about in-person fundraising due to covid

·         Suggestion of using GoFundMe, which enables people to see donation progress.