Monday, January 28, 2019

Minutes from 1/15/2019 Meeting


  • Completed testing process – Naglieri, WA Kids
  • District team met on Friday – set qualification thresholds
  • Thursday – holistic services notified – email and robocall
  • Permission is required
  • Friday – email for rest of families not qualified yet – data
  • Backpack mail will go out next week
  • Thresholds will be posted on website on Thursday
  • Appeals process posted Thursday
  • Services start right now
    • Details in letter for what services are
    • Also on website

Grades 1-7

  • Assessment and communication
  • Families emailing every email in hicap, so multiple people are working on the same issue…slowing things down
  • Wait 5 business days for a response from hicap dept
  • 4106 moving forward to assessment. Email, 3 robocalls, backpack mail
  • DNQ letters have not gone out yet – STAR data wasn’t in district data system when they did the analysis. Stopped DNQ letters to wait for STAR data. 35 more families qualified with this new STAR data. (mostly 3rd grade families affected)
  • Some people didn’t get email, but did get robocall. They just marked these kids as accepted
  • Can re-send the email because of custody issues, can re-send with email on file only. Update email on file to get letters re-sent with link to accept testing
  • Link is individualized, don’t forward link
  • General hicap questions go to the hicap@nsd, escalation should go to Jbenson@
  • “Choose 1 email, send one time, wait 5 business days for a response”
  • IOWA – next grade ahead is literally next grade ahead
  • Went to technology and asked about putting data into ParentVue. Lucy is getting permissions to put the data into ParentVue. STARR, IOWA, Naglieri, IRR will all be put into ParentVue.
  • Family outreach liaisons are calling families that haven’t responded to give yes/no for assessment
  • Permission is due by Friday at 4pm to test. If no permission, they will have portfolio review in the spring, no makeup testing.
  • If you received a robocall then your permission is due Friday.
  • Single subject will go forward with assessment, need to give permission
  • Teachers didn’t read, review, generate hicap letter in backpack mail. Check with hicap website for info on hicap, teachers don’t have all the info.
  • About 500 have not given permission.
  • DNQ will go out next week still processing data

  • IOWA is online this year, establishing accounts for last few months with Houghton Mifflin

  • 21 proctors trained, webinar training on how to proctor online test. Doing lots of practice on how to proctor with the new system
  • Lead proctors plus their team will be assigned to each region (N,S, E, W)
  • Self paced session (grades 2+), headphones and on their own
  • 1st graders are proctor lead, proctor reads directions
  • About 40 minutes per test (reading & math)
  • Starting Friday, Sunrise and 3 other elementary schools will start testing with all proctors in team.
  • May be a 1-2 week delay with testing because of technology, but scores come back in 24 hours, so it shouldn’t delay the final dates – last year they had to wait for paper scoring
  • 504 or IEP kids will not be in the same group, will get extended time or whatever accommodations they should get
  • Maybe council organize a parent info night about 2E kids and the law about 504 and iep in hicap
  • May need to review timeline for eligibility process listed on website, but it may be ok
  • Hicap website not sending the emails to subscribers if website has been updated – jen will check with technology to see if it works or if it can be fixed
  • Results may or may not be back before middle school counselors go to elementary schools and kids register, but Jen is placing, so families shouldn’t worry
  • Dually qualified students can be in-school but be able to jump into EAP at any time in the future


  • If a person goes to the website most important info is at:
    • Eligibility and testing on left side bar – timeline, change address to get info
    • Current students – screening and assessment for each grade
    • Screening threshold – percentile for moving forward in each test
    • Non-enrolled students – process for getting tested
    • Instruments – IOWA, naglieri etc
    • NNAT3 overview
    • Assessment – explanation about permission, proctors, IOWA
    • Appeals process – updated on Thursday 1/17

EAP and grading

  • Different approaches to EAP grading
    • Guidance around standards
    • Application of 4,3,2,1 for EAP – memo sent to teachers
    • Jen meeting with EAP teachers to help with report cards
    • Maybe look at the Presidential Academic Fitness award and give guidance to EAP teachers

2020 EAP/AAP school placements – Study session 1/14/2019 document released

  • Program adjustments for 2020/2021 year
  • EDTF looking at overcrowding at north end schools
  • Recommendation for boundary adjustments
  • Jen is not leading this work – provided input but isn’t a decision maker here
  • EAP designated schools accessible throughout district
  • New Canyon creek north region EAP program
  • Lockwood will be West region site
  • Move all woodmore EAP to Moorlands
  • East region will move to Sunrise from Bear Creek
  • Thoughtful with new qualifiers and may put them into the new sites to minimize transitions from school to school if it works with numbers
  • Ones currently in program may want to move early; this may or may not be possible
  • Joe Haberman at EDTF is contact to ask about considerations for this proposal
  • EDTF can answer transportation questions

Tuesday 2/12/2019 10am for next meeting