Thursday, August 30, 2018

Minutes from 8/28/2018 Meeting

8/28/2018 Hicap meeting
Austina, laurie, Angie H, kristi, kavi, helen, lisa, Jen (still reports to Becky), bill bagnall, brenae  

Analysis of data - demographics, etc.
  • To Dr reid in next week then to everyone else
New sites
  • New site at Moorlands
  • Existing in Bear Creek, Sunrise, Woodmoor, lockwood
  • 2nd grade at Bear Creek and Lockwood only because of qualification numbers, not at other schools
Qualification pathways
  • 5 pathways to qualify
  • Chart on website
  • Appeal process: not one student got in with lower scores than threshold.
  • Met august 1, then again later in month
  • Read every single appeal to the entire team while looking at data for this child. Then team decided on the individual after discussion.
  • Failed to provide for 504/IEP, translator needed would be reasons for appeal to be considered further. Hired interpreter and re-administer test in native language
  • Testing is an experience built into the everyday process at school, so appeals that say student didn’t know was not granted.
  • Hicap designation can’t be the only way students are supported in our school system: talk to school team to get your student what they need
What do we do for kids who didn’t qualify?
  • Get data into a system where principals can access it – working with district to get a home in the district servers
  • When principals ask for scores, Hicap dept is sending ITBS data to them
  • Are schools clustering? According to Jen’s meeting principals have been notified that hicap students should be clustered. Clustering could be a group of any number rather than all hicap kids clustered in one classroom per grade…jen can’t dictate numbers. Austina says groups of 5-9 is what research says is best.
  • Different EAP school is a waiver
  • Wants to go back to homeschool – moorlands – that now has an EAP class is a waiver
  • August 9th was waivers deadline
  • Lockwood is finished with getting responses
  • 1/3 of parents didn’t respond…probably a communication snafu
  • Waivers can’t be considered until they know where qualified kids will go…if they accept
  • Moorlands kids are assigned to Moorlands, woodmoor, sunrise and lockmore. Can that be better?
  • Maybe scope of eligibility process for this year is less strenuous then they can look at the shuffling of kids to make more sense with capacity
  • Hicap cadre of MS and ES teachers, asst curriculm, tosa, tech, went to edufest in Idaho – 15 total. All of these folks have committed to remaining in group for entire year and have 3 jobs. Receive info, disseminate info to school building, let Jen know of any questions or problems in schools that she needs to address, engage in PD – will go to waetag then give info back to schools.
  • High school is TBD
  • Teachers were invited to sign up for Nancy Hertzog during the summer, coming back in sept. 26 teachers attended
  • Also had summer institute classes appropriate for hicap teachers. Math strategies, tech class, social emotional, science, social studies, 2E session.
  • 3 schools with AAP for first time, jen will send some guidelines for these teachers.
  • In-class model info sent to principals to pass them to teachers
  • Schools are getting a trickle of students in hicap and at some point it will tip the balance to have HR hire another staff person.
  • Schools may be moving teachers from gen ed to hicap then may hire gen ed. Reorganizing staff
  • Hicap parents communicate on Facebook and mailing list
  • Mass mailings (goes to junk folder sometimes)
  • Website updates
  • Opened a twitter account @HicapNorthshore
  • Maybe put it in school newsletters, paper letter at curriculum nights
  • Tech has said all school websites need to be uniform….not sure principals can put info from their school specifically on there…
Info night
  • Will there be one? Will be a variety of nights in different formats, maybe live stream, maybe dedicated Spanish language night
All appeals have been reviewed and emailed as of 3 days ago. Less 2nd graders, single qualifiers went up Transportation
  • Online system works for eap and eap students if you click Advanced search in tool
  • Some schools have longer EAP rides – over 1 hour 10 minutes
Next meeting on sept 27th 10am Elections:
  • Do we do them right away in September? Or wait till October when people are in class and know the schools and program?
  • Reopen nominations on 4th or in 2 weeks? 1-week voting
  • Monday 24th voting finished
  • New people will be half hour early to Jen meeting to get rules : no losing temper, no appealing for your own kid, etc.