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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Minutes from 8/30/2017 Meeting

  • Discussion with Transportation department about this year's transportation for EAP/AAP students.
    • Some is neighborhood then straight to school
    • Others have neighborhood buses to neighborhood school then a transfer to EAP/AAP school
    • email to alert them to any safety issues or if you have not received transportation email yet
  • Discussion with HiCap Staff about the growth of program this year
    • Regular winter testing, data sweep, analysis of past testing data and appeals resulted in hundreds of new kids offered spots in hicap program for this year.
    • for last minute offers, students will receive services in home school with AAP/EAP guaranteed spot for next year.
  • HiCap Meetings for this year:
    • Tuesday’s morning 10am-12 for Admin meetings, August 30, Oct 3, dec 5, jan 9, march 6, may 8, june 5
    • Wednesday evenings 7-9 work for – not 2nd Wednesday, Sept 20/27, nov 14/15/16, feb 7/6, april 4/18, June 20/12
  • HiCap Satisfaction data: top level data comparison from last time – results are much the same as 2 years ago with full program having positive feedback and in-school services having not as positive feedback, looking at the long answer questions
  • Timbercrest principal:
    • No commitment for clustering
    • No commitment for science and social studies hicap services
    • Ask teacher directly first then escalate to the principal then Jen
  • Not yet identified and in school reps: identify yourself on facebook NSD hicap list, and lists of non-eap/aap schools and feel free to invent what your population needs. More kids now, so may be easier to find needs we can fill
  • Diversity group could work on Spanish translations for flyers
  • Walk to math ideas in elementary
  • Outreach for communication of testing dates should be upped
  • May have universal screening – cogat screener – this year. Would recommend grades 1 and 5