Election Time Nomination May'22

It's time to elect new HiCap Parents Council Representatives!

Want to get more involved? NOMINATE yourself to represent your school/region!

EVERY student in Northshore has a rep on the HiCap Council, because our HiCap kids are in every school and every program!

No experience needed! Just a passion to learn more and serve your community.
Learn More and Nominate Yourself

Nominations for representative positions are due by Friday May 27 at midnight.

Here are the positions that are open for election this year:
  • Bear Creek Campus Representative (Northshore Virtual Program, Northshore Family Partnership, Northshore Networks)
EAP School Representatives:
  • Canyon Creek EAP Rep
  • Hollywood Hill EAP Rep
  • Kenmore EAP Rep
  • Kokanee EAP Rep
  • Lockwood EAP Rep
  • Moorlands EAP Rep
  • Ruby Bridges EAP Rep
  • Shelton View EAP Rep
  • Wellington EAP Rep
Elementary Regional Representatives (for in-school HiCap, private school, homeschool, and not yet identified students - generally any elementary student not covered by EAP school representatives):
  • Elementary Regional Rep - Inglemoor Feeder Pattern
  • Elementary Regional Rep - Woodinville Feeder Pattern
  • Elementary Regional Rep - North Creek Feeder Pattern
Middle School Representatives:
  • Kenmore Middle School Rep
  • Skyview Middle School Rep
  • Timbercrest Middle School Rep
  • Leota Middle School Rep
High School Representatives:
  • North Creek High School Rep
  • Choice HS Representative (Innovation Lab HS, Secondary Academy for Success)

Continuing HiCap Council Representatives (these positions are not up for election this year)
Sunrise EAP Rep - Karishma Singh-Chowdhry, karishmasingh79@gmail.com
Fernwood EAP Rep - Anita Chaudhary, anitarajneesh@gmail.com
Elementary Regional Rep - Bothell Feeder Pattern – Stephanie Corrigan, s_corrigan77@hotmail.com
Canyon Park Middle School Rep - Lyn Trier, lyntrier@gmail.com
Northshore Middle School Rep - Chu Xu, chuxu.2015@gmail.com
Bothell High School Rep - Myriam Juritz, MyriamJuritz@hotmail.com
Woodinville High School Rep - Austina De Bonte, austinad@hotmail.com
Inglemoor High School Rep - Steven Rubenstein, rubenstein.steven@gmail.co